Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010

365 faces of Roatan
(click on photo to see large)
(click on it again to see it even larger... oh technology!)

i have been thinking for quite sometime what i would do for my final
photo of my 365 project
was it divine or absurd that i decided to take
365 photos in one day??!
yes you read that correctly!
 i took 365 photos for my last 365 photo

i think it was a bit divine and a bit crazy!!
what a HUGE job
but it was a perfect sunny day
i was really banking on having alot of tourists wandering around the
port since the made in roatan shop was open
BUT only a small columbian ship docked and it wasn't busy

so i wandered by the cruise ship docks,
throughout coxen hole,
through the 'swamp'
through the mercado
along the dusty roads and beach of west end
along the beach of west bay,
in front of petro sun gas station
and inside of pizza inn 
(it is pizza night, after all!)
then i went to plaza mar
and ended up taking a few more that i needed 
at los gemelas

you think taking 365 photos is difficult then try 
imagine explaining it to that many people and most of them 
i was grateful for bob's help because he would go up to 
people and simple say
una photo por favor?

at one point as i was driving down a tree lined road towards
emerald beach on my way to west bay
i was overcome with emotion as i thought
'oh how i love all these people'
i was blessed to engage with so many local faces
and dear hearts today
one thing i realized is that the spanish, in particular,
LOVE to get their photos taken!!
what fun!

so.. enjoy the faces of roatan
they are so beautiful and  precious to me!

will i do another 365 photo project next year?
um.. no
it's been quite the ride and wonderful adventure but 
i will take a year off
from daily photography

thanks so much for sticking with me throughout this year
i hope you have enjoyed seeing my tropical world

one and all

Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30, 2010

my better half

i asked my friends what my last photos should be
and one said a nude photo but most opted
for a photo of bob and i

needless to say
i opted to forgo the nude shot,
aren't you glad??!

so here is bob and i
the man who dwells by my side
through it all
through the storms of life and through the joys
to the one person who still makes me burst out laughing
and know how to calm my silly fears
who never complains about my cooking ever
and who still holds my hand and my heart

my better half
my friend

December 29, 2010

thanks kids

as this 365 photo blog comes to a close i would be 
amiss if i didn't thank our kids.
 leaving them in canada was not easy,trite thing for us
and as well it was not easy for them to not have parents nearby

so thanks
for letting us go...

we recognize it is a sacrifice to not have us near by you
you have given up many things...

like not being able to pop over for dinners whenever you want
like having to move into new apartments without our physical help
like not having a "mom baked" birthday cake in 2 years
like having to skype christmas instead of having me fuss over you like i usually do
like not being able to have a car to drive
like not being able to talk to us on the phone whenever you want
like not being able to watch movies together
like not being able to have a place to do laundry for FREE
like graciously giving up all your 'stuff' when we sold everything in the container
like not having a home to go to on the holidays

we recognize all of this and more
and we say THANK YOU
we love you,
daily pray for you,
and believe that just as He has unfolded a marvelous plan for us
that the same will be for each of you
and that each of you can say
'it is well with my soul'
(thanks for that painting david)

sending a "larger than usual" dose of LOVE your way today.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 28, 2010

all dark

oh  yum!
i love chocolate 
but a couple of years ago i decided to try dark chocolate
oh my goodness
i love dark chocolate.
thanks to my friend denise for sending this to roatan for me

is it too early to eat chocolate?
never never
never never never
never never never never
never too early to eat dark chocolate!!

December 27, 2010


Bob and I went to seadancer to watch the  sunset
i admit i was freezing!!
we have had quite the nor'easter blowing on our side of the island
and i had goosebumps.

i was so surprised to see this kids jumping into the water
they were from the mainland
and normally locals don't swim at this time of year

brave souls!!

 that girl jumped about 15 feet into the water.. several times!!
high waves means high winds
needless to say we didn't stay long 
and i snuggled up against bob the whole time...lucky him!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 26, 2010

like a dream

this was taken at church
yes i know,
i shouldn't be distracted taking photos at church
but look how beautiful she is!

she is a picture of serene beauty
she is a beautiful woman:
inside and out
His presence can be seen in her
this Christmas over and over again
i marveled at the gift of HIMSELF

i see Christ in her.
serene beauty.

Monday, December 27, 2010

December 25, 2010

 christmas skype style

isn't technology amazing??
we were able to open up gifts and stockings with the kids
we could see them, 
hear them
almost touch them,

i wish we could have been together but it was the next best thing
bob looking tropically festive!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 24, 2010


after a very busy week of going out everyday to distribute
food, clothing and toys to many different areas and poor families
on the island
i was so excited to go to a party at our friend's
patricia and rons
it was wonderful to get dressed up
and enjoy the festivities!!

at one point i heard patricia say 
la estella de narnia
so i walked over and said,
did you say the star of narnia?
she said yes that her friend was in the play narnia 
that night
we all decided to go
it was a blast!

and it was in spanish too!!

click on the collage to view large

December 23, 2010

green and yellow

small and quaint
green and yellow
it isn't much 
but people take pride in what they own

i love the colors
it is common to see hot pink houses,
bright purple,
every shade of green

the other day i was talking to some tourists 
in front of the shop
and i was explaining that people may not have much
but they are happy
at that time one of my island friends walked by
and i said,
isn't that right?

and he looked at me,
opened up his arms wide and exclaimed:
"we gots everything
look around!
we gots everything here!!

then he walked away smiling
it may not be much but they have everything
imagine if we had that attitude!

today is our son, david's birthday
don't forget honey
'you gots everything!'
Blessings to you!
i love you and miss you sooo much!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 22, 2010


pedro is a 12 year old boy who makes jewelry at
the Made in Roatan shop
he is from punta gorda
and is providing for his family since his father passed away
5 months ago.

i am so proud of him
because he is not only a hard worker,
but he is so funny, personable and committed to helping
meet the needs of his family.
his mom has 6 kids and the only way they get money
is through the jewelry that he, his brother and mother make.

they were so happy when i suggested they spent the night at our house
after the party the night before.
here he is in our hammock enjoying the view
his mom, wilma kept walking around the house saying
she felt like a tourista

but as soon as she ate and visited with me on the deck,
she started to clean
she washed all the dishes, clean the bathroom, swept and washed the floors!!
i kept saying, wilma no no no.. you don't need to do it
but hondurans are hard working and it comes natural to them.

what a wonderful family.
i was able to share my story with them (in spanish)
about how i came to know Christ.
we all had tears in our eyes over the goodness of God and His love

over and over she said
gloria a Dios
(glory to God)

glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill towards men!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 21, 2010

a celebration

when we started the Made In Roatan shop last year we had no idea
the relationships that would be forged,
the friendships that would get stronger and
the love that would be shared.

these people are like family to us.
we see them often and love them dearly

we had so much fun celebrated together
i got a local lady to make enchiladas and fish pastelitos 
which were delicious.
i made all sorts of cookies which was a treat for them
we did a gift exchange with things that people had made
it was so fun!

pedro and his mom spent the night
and she kept saying how peaceful it was
i believe that peace is truly the presence of the Lord
i do
many people come into our home and comment 
about the peace that is there
it is His peace 
we are glad we are able to share together
it is a blessing to us to give and to share His love with those that we know

at this time of year i am missing my children
(needless to say)
so surrounding ourselves with people that has grown
dear to our hearts makes it easier

although to be honest this morning as i was talking to 
Vilma (Pedro's Mom) 
about coming here i expressed how hard it is to leave the kids
behind in canada
at first i had said No Lord I can't leave them
but eventually i said yes, and came to this island
as i was sharing i broke down and cried
i miss my kids sooo much!

i believe all good things that we do involve a measure of 
in order for us to live and serve on this island
we have given up seeing our kids on a regular basis
does it hurt?
but is it worth it in the long run
tomorrow is our son david's birthday and we are looking forward to skyping together

i hope you enjoy your family times as you celebrate together
give them a big hug let the love flow in

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 20, 2010

island joy!

when you live amongst so many who are impoverished
it is a great joy to be able to give and to help
we were thankful for the many who sent donations,
and those who volunteered their time to make this 
christmas for many people a more JOYFUL time

we had about 20 helpers,
a group of 7 trucks in a convoy,
2 police officers 
(who helped direct traffic so we could travel together
and keep peace)

we stopped about 19 times to hand out food,
candy and toys!
we went to very remote areas and spread His love all around!

what a wonderful experience.
i have many photos.
you can link to my facebook if you want to see them all

December 19, 2010

marshmallows anyone?

we had such a busy day yesterday
with church in the morning, 
then the entire afternoon at the mercado
buying food for three food drives we are involved in

you can't think costco or superstore
you need to think
little wooden store
with people who don't speak english
and negoitating a good deal for them
we bought 45 lbs of beans and had the 
lady bag them into 3 lb. bags
oh and rice needed to be bagged up too!
oh and flour too!
it all takes time!

but they had festive spanish dance 
music playing so we had a good time 
dancing and talking to the people

once we got home
i went for a walk on the beach
the sun was warm on my shoulder
and the sound of the sea gently lapping the shore
was good for my soul
i was shocked to see such a huge fire!
why didn't i bring marshmallows for the bonfire??!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 18, 2010

the holy family

isn't something people talk about alot these days
some people are bothered when people have a
'holier then thou' attitude

i have been thinking about holiness lately
when i sat musing about it one morning this verse came to mind:

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
James 1:27

you may be thinking .. well i don't have time to do that
it's true
you don't
i believe since living here in this beautiful yet impoverished island
that God is reshaping my thinking

my values are changing
my heart is being melded into one who believes in preaching the gospel

so holiness...
what's the secret?
God is holy
we are not
there is a gift we can open
the gift of His forgiveness and love 
signed by Jesus
once we accept His gift He imparts
HIS holiness
He motivates us to love others and do good to others

then it is up to us what we do
i know alot of people who are so busy
that they don't have time for the poor
that is sad because i believe that we are missing out 
in one of the greatest ways of showing the world what His love looks like

and yet more and more people are seeing the need
one church i know in canada were moved to feed the poor,
and when i wrote about help here so many of you responded
thank you thank you thank you
we will be doing that food and clothing drive tomorrow

i encourage you to consider the poor and the less fortunate over this season
may He help us to take little steps out of your comfort zone and
go to the places and the people that most people ignore.

God will direct you
i know He will.

holy direction... 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 17, 2010

punta gorda

i have several places that i really love on this island
and punta gorda is one of them!

it is a small garifuna village
on the east side of the island
the people have built simple wooden homes along the tranquil shores
they fish for conch, lobster and fresh fish
they dance the punta dance
they drum
on cruise ship days they travel all the way to the dock and dance for the tourists
then they head back to their idyllic village.
they sit on porches and braid each other's hair
they walk slow
the children play football (soccer) on the beach
and they bathe in the sea water
they are poor materially but rich in culture and spirit
while we were walking the shores waiting for our dinner
i heard sound of the drums and sure enough they were dancing
in the middle of the road!!
because they can

when i get out of the car in punta gorda
my whole being feels refreshed
it is a different pace
a slower way of living then other places on this island

do you have a place to go that refreshes your soul?
i hope so because it is so important for us to be able to
and get away
it's important to enjoy the beauty He has made
and listen to His still small voice once again.

This is what the Lord Almighty says:
I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint
Jer. 31:25

Friday, December 17, 2010

December 16, 2010

my feathered friend

i have had 5 birds in my life
my first bird was amazingly smart and friendly
his name was sonny
he was a lovely light blue bird we bought through an ad in the paper
a young teenage boy sold him to us
the kids had wanted a bird and it was too expensive
bob was a pastor, i wasn't working we just couldn't  do it
but i said this:
if i find a bird plus the cage for 25.00 we will get it okay?

well... guess what?
the day came when i saw the ad in the paper and i kid you not
i didn't hesitate for one second!
i loaded up the kids in the car and headed right over and bought him!
sonny was the most incredible bird!
the teenage boy had handled him well and taught him many things
we were blessed to have sonny with us
he could fetch!
he would come when i called him!
(he was free flying so he could be anywhere and i'd call him and he'd
fly to me!)
he could talk!
(one time we had sonny do the phone message.. it was pretty funny!
simply.. hello, hello hello! over and over again!
then i said, sonny how many times have i told you don't answer the phone!)
he liked to take showers under running water in the kitchen
he played with our golden retriever, sandy
(training our sandy girl  to not eat the bird is another story!)
poor sweet sonny had a sorry end though
one blustery winter day he flew towards david, trying to land on his shoulder
but with david's winter jacket and someone going out the door,
he slipped and flew OUT
into the cold storm
my friend marsha and i searched for him for hours to no avail
i can honestly say my heart broke that day

so after about a year i tried another bird
this bird was a total dud (sorry to say that)
he was traumatized or something and barely moved
we called mr. statue
i took him back to the store

then we tried a hand raised baby budgie
gracie was her name
she was adorable
very friendly and loving
she would take naps with me, curled up along the curve of my neck
while i slept
she went everywhere i went
so sweet 
until one day,
the day she laid her first egg,
then she turned into a horror bird!
mrs. protective mama!!
she sat on those eggs but of course they weren't fertilized
and i think she just got more and more crazy!!
it was terrible
she started to bite and got very aggressive
i ended up giving her to another lady who had birds hoping she would mate
and you.. know.. fulfill her female dream of being a real mom.
the lady told me she refused to breed.
i left her with the lady when we moved west. 
hopefully gracie has accepted her lot about being female and childless
poor thing.

then i had mango
a beautiful beautiful beautiful lovebird that bob got me for christmas here in roatan
the unfortunate thing about him/her (we never knew)
was that he never really bonded with me
and would literally 'scream' and 'screech' calling to all the other tropical birds
i am patient person by nature but i almost considered shooting that bird!
good thing i don't own a gun.
he drove me mad!
i ended up taking him back to the store and emily helped me pick
out our dear buddy

a buddy for sure!
he is the most kindest and most friendly bird i could ever ask for
he has never bite anyone!
that is remarkable

so yesterday 
after being in the shop all day
i came home to his sweet little chirps, 
i opened his cage and he hopped on my finger
gave me a few little kisses on the lips
and settled down on the couch to watch
wheel of fortune
with buddy on my finger saying sweet nothings to me,
giving me kisses and singing happily

what a sweet little friend he is!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15, 2010

so stylish

i have bob to thank for this photo
this fine island lady was across the street all decked out 
with her british bag, umbrella and some plant she 'swiped' from somewhere!

we had such a busy day at the made in roatan shop
we are happy to be able to help so many people by selling their stuff right now
i asked the cruisers if they'd be interested in helping with an island wide
food drive that we are involved in and over the past two days 
we have raised 160.00
isn't that fantastic!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010


i love christmas
i do
it is by far, my most favorite season
i confess that when we moved to roatan i had to get rid
of alot of christmas paraphernalia and memorabilia
that i had collected over the years

okay confession time:
i had about 15 big plastic containers full of stuff!
garland galore, white lights, outdoor lights, decorations,
candles in shades of ivory or gold, platters, , glass containers 
that i filled to the brim with glass balls and lights,
oil lamps for a soft glow, a nutcracker collection,
christmas books and christmas music and the list goes on
it was tasteful stuff.. it was.

so when we came to roatan i reduced it to
2 boxes
it was an amazing feat!

this is one of my favorite things.
it creates such a soft glow
i could sit and stare at this for hours
thinking about the wonder of the nativity
of the ridiculous yet real plan of God to
make His appearance into the world via a baby
incarnate craziness i think
and to come to a young woman and overshadow her 
by the Holy Spirit
how bizarre
and to appear to simple shepherds on the night shift 
men who were hard working and unassuming
imagine the insanity of that dark night being invaded by glory and light 
of a myriad of holy angels.
no wonder they ran to 'see' this holy One who was born 
imagine the wise men
recognizing a strange yet powerful star in the sky
and following it til it rest over the humble abode of mary and joseph
imagine their shock and amazement when they laid before them
gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh 
 imagine mary looking into the eyes of Jesus and seeing all 
glories of heaven still bursting through Him
Immanuel:  GOD with us!

do i really believe this you ask?
i believe this as much as i believe
the parting of the Red Sea, the water coming from a rock,
Moses standing on holy ground,
and Elijah calling forth fire from heaven.

all of those were divine moments from the Most High
and the nativity was the consummation of them all
the time when God made His finest appearing and dwelt among us

my heart cries out
O holy night

Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010

all decked out

i have always loved christmas lights!
when we were kids we didn't own a car
so it was always a huge treat when either a relative or friend
would let all us kids pile into their car and
go driving around 
looking at the lights
you could hear the sounds of our ohhhs and ahhhs

it became tradition to do that  with our kids too
one year, while living in canmore, alberta we decided
to vote for our favorite house in the little town 
i think we shocked the owners when we all traipsed
up the steps, rang the door bell and happily told them
'your house is our all time favorite in the whole town!'
they were a little shocked at first and then they invited us inside
where we stood around, a little ackwardly and then went home
:-) the lights are coming to roatan too!
whoo hoo!
this isn't my favorite 
(no offence roatan rental)
but it was pretty enough to warrant a photo

for the record:
this place in west end has the best baleada's on the island!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12, 2010

over my shoulder

bob suggested we go to seadancer to watch the sunset
i took my photo of the day 'over my shoulder' 
as i was walking down the beach
looking for shells

why do we like to go there?
well it has one of the longest docks on the island and the view is stunning

bob is wearing jeans because it actually cold.. for us.

the weather is chilly for us
i had on my slippers earlier in the day
we got rained on
i ran for refuge under the sea grapes
and from my dry spot i could hear bob whistling from the dock
i looked where he was pointing and was blown away by a beautiful rainbow!

a lovely way to spend a december afternoon
hope you had a good sunday too

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11, 2010

one caballero

i have wanted a photo of one of these cowboys for a long time
they intrigue me with their weathered faces, worn clothing, lean bodies,
and strong characters

this afternoon, bob, laura and i went into coxen hole
to see a christmas parade and the lighting of the tree
why we went at 3:00 (the start time) is a mystery to me!!
i should know better then nothing starts on time here.
we never did see the parade of a local marching band 
it was supposed to be on the back of a flat truck
but apparently someone needed the truck.
not sure why they didn't just walk.  *s*

either way i think it started close to 5:00 pm
so that meant we had a lot of time for waiting around
when i saw this guy walking down the street i was thrilled
i loved the way he walked along like he 'owned' the side walk
carrying that heavy load on his back like it was nothing,
and swinging his machete like a warrior instead of a worker
there are times when you just can't be shy.
this was one of those times. 
i pointed my camera right at him and shot!
good thing he didn't shoot back!!  :-)

it was a wonderful event at the port of roatan
we enjoyed seeing the big tree, the happy children

getting candy and meeting my first black santa claus

santa!  don't be shy!  :-)
this little blue stick was a lollipop he stuck in his mouth just before i took the photo
i had asked him if i could take his photo and i thought for sure that he would pose with the kids 
but nope.  
 bob ho ho ho-ing with mrs. claus!

my favorite part:
singing the song 'amen' by harry balefonte
with the steel drums accompanying us!

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

my caladium was strewn with water jewels 
i enjoyed her beauty as i slowly made my way
through my garden this morning
how do i know that is a girl plant??!
come on can you imagine a guy dressing up like that!!  

i love the rain!
i remember in canada hating the rain!
i didn't like the cold, the dampness or the discomfort of getting wet
but here i enjoy being out in the rain
it is warmer for one thing
but for another it is as if my soul has been longing 
for liquid for a good long time
after months and months and months of dry season
i welcome the life that the rain brings

today i wrapped a few  presents to send home and made christmas cards
i am finding that christmas isn't commercial,
it isn't about the malls, the decorations, and the shopping, 
and more about sharing times together.
 most people here
can't afford to buy presents but they usually cook a simple meal
did you know the spanish like to eat sandwiches on Christmas Day?!
a simple meal with family? (at christmas!?)
these 3rd world countries are pretty darn smart!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9, 2010

how much is that cruise ship in the window?!

who knew that a cruise ship could fit into a small window
small miracles abound!!

bob took me to a place on the 2nd floor of plaza mar for lunch
and as i was enjoying the view of the ship
i saw this reflection in the window

some days are busy
some days are slow
and some days are just right
today was perfect
enough people to make it worthwhile but enough time
to talk to our friends nearby, go for a walk to buy a beautiful yellow flower plant
that i saw in yard nearby,
and go out for lunch with the one i love

a wonderful day!
i did a little bit of christmas shopping.. shhhh. don't tell the kids!
and when we got home the power went off which was
a beautiful excuse to do nothing but lay on the couch and take a wee nap!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8, 2010

jungle art

tonight was the art show at the oasis restaurant
there were about 8 different artists there and it was a great time
we went representing the 'made in roatan' shop

i felt so bad for bob since he worked all day
and then at 3:00 went over to the oasis.. a very long day for him
i didn't go to the shop today since my feet were really swollen
and i didn't want to overdo it

isn't that painting in my photo beautiful??!
it wasn't for sale (unfortunately)
apparently someone brought it back from thailand
i just loved the contrast with the background colors and the painting!

bob and i selling local art

December 7, 2010

a sea of green

whenever i leave the island and then come back again
i am overwhelmed by how GREEN it is
this gives you a good idea of what i mean!

it is truly a tropical rainforest jungle island!  
i took this atop of the 360 restaurant.
what a great place to eat.
a tad bit pricey but good!

we left the made in roatan shop yesterday at lunch
to take a couple of tourists out for lunch
it was one of those 'miracle meetings'
bob's mom couldn't find her car in the mall in florida
she went inside to find security
and just so happened to talk  to a lady who works there
who happened to mention she is coming to roatan on a cruise
bob's mom told her about bob and i 
and happened to mention that we are looking for clothing and toy
donations for the kids for christmas
and the lady thought it was a great idea
she went to her church who just so happened to have a store
that had tons of toys and clothes to donate!

thanks sooo much sue and garry!
so they came yesterday with a 60 lb suitcase full of goodies for the kids
we are thrilled!

we have had an overwhelmingly great response to helping here on the island!
can't wait to give it out to the kids!!!

we just so happened to thank GOD~!


Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

sun shower

today as we were driving along the beach in sandy bay
(yes you read that right... certain local beaches are roads too!)
the sun burst through the clouds!
it was so beautiful
that even though it was pouring with rain i opened the window 
in the car to take this photo.

i have fallen in love with those palms
i walk by this way many times but i hadn't ever noticed
how magnificent they are!
i think i will have to go back at other times for more photos

we had such a wonderful time with friends
at dinner
i brought some grouper and they had chicken
we left the table satisfied and happy.

December 5, 2010

star of wonder

the afternoon brought soft sweet rain
it was chilly and grey
a perfect day to put up the tree
i was blessed to have two friends drop by
in the afternoon
i love having people in our home
it was beautiful to decorate the house
it looks so cozy and lovely.
i was blessed with the lighting of the 2nd advent
we focused on joseph doing what is right in a hard situation
i read this story
we skyped with emily during the lighting 
it was like she was right there

so blessed

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4, 2010

good for my soul

today i went to visit a friend in west end
as i walked along the sandy road, the sun was warm on my shoulders
i thought.. life is good!

it has been a very busy week 
so it was good to slow down my pace
enjoying the view
pausing to look at hibiscus blowing in the breeze
singing and praying as i strolled along

 it was good to be with a friend
relaxing, praying, sharing

December 3, 2010

high key

high key is a photography term where the tones are high
this was taking straight out of the camera 
(not post processing)
i love high key
it has such a dramatic look to it

this vase is a gift from bob's mom, bev
i didn't bring many things from canada but i had to bring this
to display the flowers that grow profusely in the yard.
it is hand blown glass
vase made in bracebridge ontario

why did i shoot this high key?
because right now our lives are 'high key' as well
had such a fabulous week at the shop this week
we call this time
'high season'  because
we get a ship in every day
(as opposed to low season when we get a ship in every 2 weeks!)

since we are trying to help the islanders in our non profit shop
a good week for them makes us really happy
the minimal wage here in roatan is 12.00 a DAY!
so this week several of our artists made over a 100.00 for our 4 day week
that works out to double what is the going rate.
may not seem like a lot to you but it is really great for them!

oh happy day!  
i am very tired but happy
i didn't get to take this photo til after 11:00 pm because
i was literally on the go all day!
visiting with people, praying, at the shop and then had friends over for pizza at the house

good times!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

December 2, 2010

a clear patch

the clouds came rolling in late in the day just in time for
my photo of the day
i love the dramatic look of the clouds sitting heavy with rain
behind eagle ray restaurant, west end

usually it rains and rains and rains during this season
but all week the sun has been shining and it was
hot enough for me to have to apply sunscreen
and also get that 'roatan sheen' look
(sweaty face)

this was taken around 4:30 after a full day at the shop
we had to go see susana in west end 
to get more of her necklaces as we
we're pretty much all sold out at the shop!
which is a great problem to have!
we have had several 'repeat' visits this week
that means people who were 
on a cruise last year and back again
it was encouraging because  they came looking for the shop
saying it was the highlight of their trip!
what a joy to see them again and visit together!
we thank God for their generosity in helping the island folk!

happy friday
i hope your weekend has enough rest to revujenate you
and enough fun to make your heart sing!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1, 2010

december's dawn

i never thought i would see a winter morning like this!
so blessed!

i was raised in northwestern ontario
where we would have at least a couple of feet of cold, brittle snow
everywhere by the first of december
as kids there was so much snow that we could walk up onto the roof
and then jump off into the snow
crazy, i know!!

we would put our tobaggan behind my brother doug's skidoo
and he would roar up and down the street - for fun!

i have froze many parts of my body:
nose, ears, toes, fingers!
i can still recall what it felt like as they began to thaw out -
tickly and painful all mixed up
and my mom would make hot chocolate
as i thawed

i once made a 'bobsled run' behind our house up in the rocks
and unfortunately hadn't 'banked' the corner with enough snow
and i flew OFF, 
soaring through the air with my little flying saucer under me
at the tune of 50 feet
my greatest mistake:  i let go of the saucer!
it meant i landed up to my neck in thick compact snow!!
 it meant my brother's to leave the hockey game to come  dig me out.
funny i don't recall anyone saying:
debi i am so glad you didn't break your neck!!

i have gone snow shoeing, cross country skiing, tubing, 
sledding, skating (which to me means falling alot!)
i have trudged through snow up to my thighs,
i have walked to school in freezing temperatures
without a hat!  (highschool!)

i have made snow tunnels, igloos, snowmen,
snow angels 
and all that time in the snow it felt normal

and now??
i have a new normal
that doesn't include cold, or ice, or snow
it means being able to go out to get this photo at 6:00 in my PJ's
it means never wearing socks,
it means being cold when the temps go down to 68F,
it means having sand in our car all year round,
it means carrying an umbrella to keep the sun off,
it means gardening all year round,
it means eating fresh fruit all year.. every day...

this truly is a dream come true for bob and i
our caribbean home
our tropical life
we don't take it for granted
we know He called us here
how could we say no?
(although i didn't want to come at first, but that is for another time)

we know we have been blessed
so blessed!