Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1, 2010

happy anniversary bob!

today we are celebrating 28 years of adventuring together
it's been quite the ride.
i remember when bob proposed to me in a canoe 
on a glacier fed lake in banff alberta 
that he said that he had a desire to 
follow and serve God and asked 
if i wanted to join him.

it wasn't a typical proposal 
but because my heart was smitten with 
his strong heart, his wit, his musical charm
and his deep blue eyes i agreed

one thing i will say is that through all that we have
gone through in life 
that he has been steady.
he is calming for my soul in many ways.

here is a quick sketch of our adventure:
~married in banff
spent the next year on a short term mission 
to the states, england and kenya east africa
~moved to the okanagan valley and did youth work
~started our family
~moved to canmore and started a church there
where we lived entirely by faith for a couple of years
(i could write a book about how He was faithful to us)
~decided to go back to school and got his masters
which meant living the next few years in 
the cold and barrenness of saskatchewant
~felt called to Nova Scotia where we
enjoyed maritime living for 10 years
~ left there with sad hearts to pastor another church in B.C.
never really recovered from that move but we weathered
it together.
~came for a visit to roatan
came again
and again
decided to move here.
our house sold in 8 hours.
we sold alot of our 'stuff' and put the rest in storage
drove across the country.
put our car on a boat and landed on this wonderful
island almost 2 years ago
and have been enjoying it fully!
who knows what will be next?
He does.

it's been a blast and there is more in store.
i love you bob.
you are still the love of my life.
thanks for being the most calming effect in my life.

April 30, 2010

bathed in light
i wanna be
bathed in light....

emily and i wanted to go snorkeling 
but bob had the car so we took a taxi
to west end
(1.25 each)
and then we took a water taxi to west bay
(2.50 each)
i love water taxis!
i hadn't taken one before
it is wonderful to be out on the water!!
heading towards the dock at infinity bay

miss nairobi zooming away!

we had a great time snorkeling.
it was super windy and hard going but it was
soooooo clear!!
we saw  a hogfish for the first time!
which was kinda scary
as it has three big spiky fins on top.
the cool part was that when it saw us it
changed color and went white to match the sand.
amazing amazing!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010

beauty and the beast

i was looking off towards the sea at corazol
and suddenly
my eyes looked in front of me to see this.

i like
unexpected places.

certain unexpected things are difficult:
like this heat wave we are having.
yes, it is still hot.
even the islanders are finding it unbearable
we had rain last night with thunder and lightning
but it didn't lift the heat much.
maybe just increased the humidity level.

i need to make note of this:
it is hot in april.

oh my!
i just felt a breeze
that is one of those pleasant 
unexpected things!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010

bright and morning star

sea star
sea star
shining bright
in soft soft light

you are a star
yes you are
shining bright
in soft soft light

patterns and lines
etched in my mind
of bright blue sea
soft white sand
and finding you

my sea star
my gift from the sea
a star within a star within a star
within His mind from the beginning
help me to find You.
my bright and morning star

April 27, 2010

moving on up

We got Buddy a new cage.
It wasn't because he desperately needed a larger one.
It was because the opening is so small and so low that
it was hard for me to get my hand in there. 

In order to tame a bird you need to be able
to get your hand in there 'at their level'.
So I think the new one will help with that.

The problem is that Buddy doesn't take change
He is such a shy little guy.
He wouldn't go in his cage.
The poor little thing was panting (yes bird pant)
and very nervous.
Emily eventually just took him and placed him in this new

He resumed his 'oh my goodness i am freaked out position!"
which means he hangs on the side of his cage holding on
with his feet and his beak.

He didn't leave that position except to eat and drink.

Poor little buddy boy.

by the way...
i don't like the new photo uploader on blogger
takes forever and  i can't seem to see it when it is done,
then it shows that i have uploaded 3 photos.

i am sure i will get the hang of it.. soon.
i hope.

Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

a puddle of trees

Emily and I decided to take a drive
this afternoon.
she is flying back to canada in a week
so she wanted to go capture some of the everyday
sites that we see on this island

we drove towards west end...
stopping all along the way.
we stopped to get a photo of 
an very cool garbage can and i turned around 
saw this.
it is sooc
straight out of the camera.

it is this kind of beauty that takes
my breath away
a puddle of trees 
in a cool shady spot.
beauty within beauty.
the obvious not so obvious.
a surprise from the Maker

we had such a great time together.
i am going to miss her sooo much.
the sound of laughter rings loud when 
are together.
we laugh about the stupidest things.

like what?
oh heavens, i can't remember.
it is that silly stuff that is only funny at the time
but it is the stuff of life that bonds families together.

i am so glad that we both love photography too.
i love to see how she sees the same world i do.
a puddle of trees,
a sunset in a window,
a crushed can,
a colorful alley.
a man with a dog sitting on his head on a flotation devise
a funny sign:
'filletted gruper',
the afternoon light on a gumbalimba tree.
out for the afternoon
a memory formed 
for times when we are a part.

April 25, 2010

JOY!!!  ~~  116:365


what a wonderful afternoon we had today!
we met the Mitten family 
at West Bay beach

they hadn't snorkeled much so 
Bob took Emily and Travis 
out snorkeling to the reef
while Emily (mine) and I 
stayed and watched their 4 adorable
we had so much fun building sand castles,
playing in the water,
watching the little 6 day old kitty that
one of their neighbor's gave them

couldn't leave the little one alone at home
since it needed to be fed.
how adorable is

we had such a great day together
stayed to watch the fire dancers too.
so awesome!!!