Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29, 2010

blue stillness

i love being out on a boat!!
this was taken out on the water at
west bay
tabyana beach is so beautiful!!!

today we were out on the 
BoB underwater adventure boat
since my Bob won a chance to go explore
the reef in the underwater
"Breathing Observation Bubble"

i didn't go down because i am rather claustaphobic
but i did snorkel around the surface with them.

it was pretty cool.
a little slow,
a little noisy
and a little distorted vision wise
but for someone who wants to try
something new...
this is it!

for me...
no thanks folks.

Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28, 2010

 not like the others

first i need to apologize 
to this stranger that i took the liberty
of photographing.

then i need to apologize to the rest of you
who have been subject to looking at it!

i just couldn't resist!
i was at the 'made in roatan' shop in coxen hole
today and then went to my friends place for lunch.

as i was driving through flowers bay i was stuck 
in some cruise ship traffic:
taxis, tour buses, vans etc.
and i noticed this man
standing on a little local beach.
it is so funny 
because no one ever swims there 
except for the locals who live in that area
so believe me,
he really stood out!!!

there were all sorts of school kids 
walking by and i tell you
i wasn't the only one
who was wondering why that gringo was
half naked on their beach.

remember that sesame street
One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

i found myself humming that as i drove away.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

mangos anyone?

this is edwardo
our little neighbor.
i told him that i wanted to take a photo 
of a mango for my 365 shot and
he tagged along.

he picked up these two nice ripe ones 
and said,
'hey deb, you could take one of me holding them"

isn't he adorable?!
an interesting thing about edwardo is that  his mom is honduran
and his dad is dutch.
he speaks english, spanish and dutch fluently.

today i said to him.
'who do you think you get your cuteness from?
your mom or your dad?'

he broke out laughing and said,
deb, i get my cuteness from school!

see.. cute kid!!!  :-)

today i learned a new way to eat mangos.
okay, normally i don't like them because they can
be stringy (not all of them, but we have 5 trees on the property
and 3 of them are stringy.)
believe me, 
we have ALOT of mangos right now!

these need to ripen up, of course but we have so many!
alot of the spanish come and 'help themselves'
because there is no way we can eat them all

anyways, here is the trick:
get a ripe ripe mango
squeeze the living daylights out of it,
roll it on a table,
just make it JUICY!!
then bite the top part of the skin off
and suck the juice out.
it is a honduran 'juice box'!!

works great,
so fresh 
 so juicy
and no strings attached!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26, 2010

looking out

this is the view from our bedroom window.
when we first moved here the yard 
was mainly palms, bushes, and trees.

very few flowers.
well that has changed!
you can't tell from this photo
but there are zinnias, impatience,
hibiscus, bougainvillea,
lilies, and many other flowers that 
i don't know the names of.

just recently we have planted seeds
and i am so thrilled because they 
are growing!!

more flowers!
i walk through this little stone path several times a day
just checking out the garden:
pinching, repotting, water 
and giving lots of TLC there.

it brings me joy 

May 25, 2010

worth the wait

sometimes a sunset 
becomes more like 
and i stand in awe
of all that beauty.

night after night after night
the sun sets
and it is easy to get accustomed to them here
i had seen the sunset
15 minutes earlier it looks like this

and said to bob ... 
"well let's go home now, that wasn't so great"
and then...
i turned around and saw the sky a blaze of pink
and yellow and mauve
within minutes the
'not so great sunset'
became spectacular.

i am learning something these days.
don't be in such a hurry.
just wait
and things
will get better

i am still struggling with
neck, back and nerve pain
i wish i'd get better right away

i need to wait

i miss my kids terribly
i need to wait.

we didn't have internet for the past few days
it was hard to wait.

Those who wait upon the Lord WILL renew their strength!

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

Love is....

always hopes
always perseveres
never fails.

it is what i need.
from Him
to you
to the stranger on the road
to everyone.

i am lost without Him.
my days become full of shadows until
i come close enough and see that
love has been there all along.

i breathe deep and receive it 
over and over and over again

today while at the physio
the doctor had my back in traction
and this thought occurred to me
(in Spanish too.. which is something new!)
Dios es aqui
the purity of that thought
swept over me
and brought tears to my eyes.
love came near.

love never fails.
hope you believe it today too.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23, 2010

handful of light

West Bay
at sunset
Well West Bay, anytime is amazing!
I took this  photo of Lena with a handful of light.

We picked up her this afternoon after church,
brought her home for lunch and then headed to 
West Bay for a snorkel.
She is from Germany and is working here on the
island promoting tourism to Germans

I didn't snorkel for very long
(doctor's orders until my neck and back heal up)
but I did enjoy the coolness of the sea.

Bob and Lena had a great swim.
They swam with a big hoxbill turtle
which is always a wonderful experience.

I enjoyed moving slowly through the water
and stretching my upper back 
it felt better then it has in weeks.
i am grateful.
We had such a fun time together
eating a big brownie and icecream together,
sharing stories 
and taking lots of photos.

 bob took this while driving

A wonderful Sunday.
it did my heart good.

this is the sky earlier in the afternoon
on our way home from church
taken in Flower's Bay

May 22, 2010

afternoon orange

these lilies are in bloom all over the island
right now
it is wonderful to see little splashes of orange
amongst the green as we are driving along.

we have about 6 plants in our yard that i have
been watching and hoping that they would
this afternoon one did.
isn't it beautiful?

i didn't do much today due to
 neck/upper back pain
i went for another massage in the morning.
they have found two spots in particular that
are very tight and 'knotty'
they are extremely tender and painful today.

so i went for a wee walk through the yard
and it is finding flowers like this
that make a day that wasn't as spectacular