Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 21, 2010

a celebration

when we started the Made In Roatan shop last year we had no idea
the relationships that would be forged,
the friendships that would get stronger and
the love that would be shared.

these people are like family to us.
we see them often and love them dearly

we had so much fun celebrated together
i got a local lady to make enchiladas and fish pastelitos 
which were delicious.
i made all sorts of cookies which was a treat for them
we did a gift exchange with things that people had made
it was so fun!

pedro and his mom spent the night
and she kept saying how peaceful it was
i believe that peace is truly the presence of the Lord
i do
many people come into our home and comment 
about the peace that is there
it is His peace 
we are glad we are able to share together
it is a blessing to us to give and to share His love with those that we know

at this time of year i am missing my children
(needless to say)
so surrounding ourselves with people that has grown
dear to our hearts makes it easier

although to be honest this morning as i was talking to 
Vilma (Pedro's Mom) 
about coming here i expressed how hard it is to leave the kids
behind in canada
at first i had said No Lord I can't leave them
but eventually i said yes, and came to this island
as i was sharing i broke down and cried
i miss my kids sooo much!

i believe all good things that we do involve a measure of 
in order for us to live and serve on this island
we have given up seeing our kids on a regular basis
does it hurt?
but is it worth it in the long run
tomorrow is our son david's birthday and we are looking forward to skyping together

i hope you enjoy your family times as you celebrate together
give them a big hug let the love flow in

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