Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20, 2010

twilight afterglow

what is something that you see in your day
every day?
day in, day out?
(other then family or friends or pets)

high rises?
floral gardens?
snowy trees?
highway signs?
palm trees?
birds in flight?
playground swings?
a calm pond?
whatever it is that is part of your day
it often becomes so common place that we don't even
see it anymore

the one thing that is in my everyday is sunsets
i try very hard to continue to see the beauty in them
sometimes like last night we make special trips to watch
it set but it isn't much of a show

this evening as i was on the computer
i glanced up and saw the sky a blaze of color
i haven't walked down the 30 odd stairs down to the beach
since i pulled my achilles tendon
but tonight
i was drawn
i decided to take it s.l.o.w

i couldn't believe it when i got down there
i thought i was too late
but the sky just got better and better and better

the afterglow was worth the walk down to the beach
i hope that tomorrow you are able to see the beauty
that surrounds you
and perhaps it will even take your breath away again
and you will lift your eyes to heaven and say thank You

Friday, November 19, 2010

November 19, 2010

when i turned around

sometimes it is so easy to keep a straight ahead focus
we have a plan or an idea and we just barrel along

it is important to turn around
when we do 
we see things we'd otherwise miss

like this moon
i usually sit watching the sunset but tonight i put my back to the sunset
(it wasn't a great sunset obviously)
and i kept my eye on the moon

did you know that the moon reflects the sun?
of course you remember that from science class right?  :-)

well i want to do the same
simply reflecting the Son

have a good weekend.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18, 2010

fresh picked/baked

have you ever had an apple banana?
little bananas 
that yes, taste like apples!


these bananas were picked from the tree yesterday
and today, since it was raining and cool
i decided to bake banana bread

so good

did you know that once you pick a bunch of bananas
that tree gets cut down?
it's true
so next time.. 
enjoy your banana!!

well i am going to go curl up on the couch 
with some tea and banana bread
and read my book
the rain is falling so beautifully on the roof
i love the sound
it reminds me of an ancient song....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17, 2010

the unseen

cactii babies in the morning light...
how beautiful is that?
but what i didn't see is the iridescent light on the web!
i couldn't see the blues, the pinks, yellows!
in fact i didn't see the web at all when i took this photo
it wasn't until later that i was overwhelmed
to see such simple beauty

we often don't see the unseen as we should
beauty is everywhere around us
we need eyes to see it
our eyes get dim, our hearts get cold, our motion gets routine

i believe if we could see the world as God sees it 
we would be overwhelmed!
the colors would be brilliantly placed everywhere
the light would be sparkling...
on the water, on the leaves, on the trees, on the heads of children
and if we saw it our hearts would melt in worship
it would
we would melt
we would bend of knees 
in gratitude and praise to the One who made it all

open our eyes Lord
we need to see as You do...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010

scorpion scare!!!

i have heard we have scorpions on the island
but i haven't ever seen one
i know people who consistently look under their pillow 
for a scorpion before they go to sleep at night
what do you do before you go to sleep?
bet you don't check for scorpions!!
well neither have i, but after today i just might...

carlos was cleaning out around the bottom of a traveller's palm
and found this
he called me because he knows i like to take photos
i started to hobble over and i saw him carrying it on a leaf!
can you imagine??!!
i hollered (like a mom)
"carlos put that down!!!"
he looked at me and kept walking and then put it down in front of me
i backed up...
quite a bit actually
(no i didn't run.. can't do this with this tendon but i was running inside!)

so thankful this camera has a zoom lens
so wishing carlos wouldn't have brought this over
he told me there are lots of 
babies over there!
i am thinking... scorpion insecticide perhaps??!

i posted this photo on my sister's facebook wall
because today is her birthday and since it is 
november i thought she should have a photo of a real scorpion.
i know, i know.. nice sister!!!


other then having a scorpion sighting?
met up with some fellow canadians off the cruise ship
who after taking a tour of the east side came over to the house
they were intrigued with apple bananas, hummingbirds that are almost tame,
buddy who is, as you know, not a typical budgie
then we went to the 'cannibel cafe' in west end
and then back to the 'made in roatan' shop for shopping fun!

 will you look at that??!  this mama hummingbird made a nest at the end of christmas lights at the cannibel cafe.  ( i almost made this my 365 because it is so pretty.. but hey, how many times do you get a scorpion photo?? um... never.. again.. i hope)


kevin, garreth, timothy, pamela, madelaine, and george!
what a joy to meet you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

mid month

not bad for half way through november
twas a glorious day!
i even had to put the fan on for awhile!!

today kendy came over and made some christmas ornaments
that i am going to sell for her in the made in roatan shop

it's exciting
it is good opportunity for her to make some extra money
and she is such a lovely girl
and a hard worker

she kept looking at me for approval saying
es bueno miss debi?
(is good miss debi?)
and finally i told her in spanish
that creativity comes from God and she should
just let 'it flow'
so she did.
we had a great morning together!

i decorated some roatan shells that i had found on the beach
yahooo... a little gold glitter goes a long way!   :-)

see our creative mess!!!  
here is one of the christmas photo frames that kendy made
i thought it would be great for tourists to put on the tree
with one of their favorite roatan photos in it!

oh oh i just realized i forgot to get her to 
write 'roatan 2010' in the bottom right corner.
she can do it tomorrow when she brings carlos' breakfast in the  morning

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14, 2010

cosmos, you are stunning today!!

this is why it is important to take your camera everywhere!
i was heading to church with my camera over my shoulder
(yes i take my camera to church...
you never know what i will see in the half hour drive
plus sometimes i even bring it in and take adorable photos
of the cutest black children in the world!!)

as i was walking to the car this flower was just glorious!
a real stunner she was!
so i put everything down:
my bag, my coffee, my bible 
and as quickly as i could i took this

i thought to myself...
if my day starts like this 
it has got to just get better and better
it did!
had a beautiful, blessed day today!

November 13, 2010

 evening window

i stood and watched the young boys fish
it was more then just 'something to do'
it would be a meal for their families

young boys
out fishing
as i turned to walk into the house
i was the evening was following me
reflecting into the window by the house
i was drawn by the beauty
the simplicity of an evening sky in my window
here is a picture of the boys getting supper\
you can see they are quite close to the reef by the way the waves
are chasing over it