Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 4, 2010

on the line

i love hanging out clothes on the line
they come in so fresh and so clean from 
being bleached by the sun

in certain cities it is against the law 
to hang out clothes because it is 
how ridiculous!
i try to imagine them making a law about not hanging out clothes
here in roatan
it would be impossible because most people don't 
have clothes dryers and some don't even 
have electricity.
so i get to enjoy watching them flap in the sea breeze
and use towels that smell like the freshest of air.

these towels look dirty but they aren't
it is because of the evening light and the backlight
that they are full of shadows

i liked the flare in this photo.
that is why i took it.
i belong to a group called 'flare friday'
on flickr
but i haven't been able to upload anything 
due to some stupid problems with our internet
so i couldn't post it yesterday.
oh well.
it is one of the challenges we find in having
a tigo internet stick.

for some reason it just stops working for days on end.
frustrating would be a slight understatement at this point.


yes i am talking to myself....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

lily in my yard

once a year
these lilies bloom
it is wonderful to see them along the road sides
one thing i love about roatan is it is soooo green
and then you mix a little orange.
we went for a nice drive today to 
get out of the heat
it is nice to have a/c in the
this morning at 8:00 am the humidity was at 91%
so i hate to think of what it is right now

i have been feeling very sick to my
so on the way home i went into
a small pulperia (store) to buy some 7 up
the lady asked me in spanish how i was
and i said,
ohh muy malo, yo tengo mucho dolor en mi estomago 
(oh very bad, i have alot of pain in my stomach)
and immediately she lifted up her shirt
and showed me how swollen and bloated she was
saying she felt the same way.
i had to laugh.
it is one of the things i love about the spanish:
expressive and not shy!!
i had to laugh because she was pretty convinced
her stomach pain was due to the 'heat'

so after our ride i staggered (not literally) out in the yard
and got this photo
and now i am going to go
try to cool down by a fan

one good thing about this flu:
no appetite!
poor bob.

i hope all is well in your world today.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010


happy bokeh wednesday
i remember a few years ago
i saw someone had commented on a photo and
'nice bokeh'
i had the courage to say...
'um.. what is bokeh??!'

i am glad i asked.
bokeh is best described as 'blur'
but i believe it is most beautiful
when it is 'blurred light'
then the camera shows it as little circles of light

to be honest i see bokeh all the time now
sometimes i go looking for it
because i believe it makes the world a more beautiful place
who knew light diffused could look so wonderful?
well He knew.

we are slow to catch on...

if you want more bokeh you can 
go to my bokeh set on flickr and
click the slideshow


i should mention that i rooted and planted
this hibiscus a few months ago
and have been waiting for it
to bloom
today is the day.
isn't it beautiful!!
i have it in a pot with a small palm, a bird of paradise,
and some smaller plants too.

love it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010


so what is petrified wood you ask?
i had to look it up myself.
here is a good site
which will help to explain it

i found this piece on the beach
i like it because it reminds me of a flintstone car
yeah i guess i am dating myself for thinking of
the flintstones.
i used to love that show!!

there are many cool things to find here,
other then shells, driftwood, glass etc.
i am hoping in the fall to take a hike into the hills
and find some mayan artifacts
for real!
how cool would that be!

i am grateful that today
my neck is better then it's been in days
thanks to those of you who have been
thinking of me and praying for me.

i appreciate it alot!

Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

locked in!!!

talk about frustrating
i wanted to go to the beach to take a photo of the sunset
and i couldn't find my keys to the back gate

it is one of the downsides of living in roatan
 people have gates to keep people off the property
but tonight the stupid gate kept me from
going out to the beach

where did i put my key?
i didn't have time to search and find it so..

i climbed up the grassy steep hill and got this photo

i almost fell down the hill in the process...
oh the things we do!!  :-)
my knee is all wonky now.
but i was determined to get a photo without power lines in it

i did it!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010

small and mighty

i don't know the name of this hummingbird.
if you can identify it that would be great

he showed up today at the feeder.
there were about 4 of them, 
fighting, flying and trying to feed.

so beautiful..
don't you think?

i am thankful that the power is back on
after being out since 5:00
it makes for a long day
it's been so hot and humid.
almost unbearable.

that is why i was out on the deck 
with the hummers!

hope you had a good Sunday.