Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

39 F
freezing in florida
sleeping with socks
an extra blanket
and we had the heat on last night.

i went out at 7:35 am
to get this photo
in my jammies
and slippers

i always wish that a car wouldn't drive by
but they always do!!

i remember coming to florida from canada and
we'd be wearing shorts and tshirts at this time
but our blood has changed after living in roatan
for a year
now we are wearing
polar fleece
and shoes

and still cold.
what will i do with a canadian winter??

i am ruined for life.
good thing we became honduran residents
because i am feeling less and less and less
like a canadian!

it is just tooooo darned cold.

January 27, 2010

in a

I saw this leaf laying on the ground,
walked on by,
about 10 steps later.
i stopped
went back.

how many times do you see a heart in a leaf?
love in a leaf.
gotta love that!

so there I was in the parking lot of the optometrist place
holding this leaf out
looking for the best light
the best bokeh
with cars driving slowly and
looking at me
what is she doing???

capturing love on a leaf of course.
i love the way having a camera helps me to see beauty

small miracles indeed~!

have a great day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010


i love fruit!
i have a fruit tip.
or should i say a tip about fruit.

if you buy a watermelon
take it home and cut it up
right away.
put it in a container.
same goes with pineapple or melon.

cut it up.
i find that i need to cut it right away
other wise I tend to forget about it and
it goes bad on me.

but once it's cut
we are good to go.
it gets eaten.

i am not sure how or why but I am the
official fruit cutter.
if I don't cut the fruit then no one will.

kinda sad but true.
but honestly.
i love cutting up fruit.
i love dicing and slicing anything really!

i have worked in food services and restaurants
and i actually enjoy prep.

good thing that i do because otherwise we'd depend
on canned fruit.  oh yuk!

my favorites?
strawberries, then peaches, then pineapple, melon, bananas

my least favorite?
pears, apples and sadly, mangos.

ya what a shame because we have 4 mango trees in the yard
and I am not too fond of them.

I am hoping in time that I will develop a taste for them.

we eat fruit everyday.
did you know we have apple bananas in roatan?
yes we do.
i will take a photo of them someday when there is a nice big ripe bunch.

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010


I am a coffee snob
I confess.
It started I think when I was 16 years old and too young
to be drinking coffee
My sister Bonnie used to buy beans, grind them,
make it strong, add real cream.

Then I went to Italy.
yes Italy!
Italian coffee is wonderful.
We went on our way home from Israel.
I had no money, and in those days you could
have a stopover with no added cost.
In those days??
Late 70's!
Anyways, we slept in the train station,
we ate bread, and fruit and
drank coffee!!
The best coffee ever!

Now I am a dark roast,
freshly ground,
kind of girl.

Brewster's serves medium roast.
I don't hold it against them.
I just ask for a shot of expresso.

They have wifi and I am happy to sit here and drink
pretty good coffee and do my interneting.
 I wish I could just go online at home but that isn't possible.
Gotta make the most of it.
I am.

*takes a big sip*

January 24, 2010

wanna dance?

I love to dance.
I do.
It makes me happy.
Not that I am the world's best by any stretch of the imagination.
But if I have the option to dance or sit it out I will dance!
Bob doesn't like to dance.
It's a shame.

In Nova Scotia we used to go to ceilidhs
because we loved the celtic music and we'd watch the dancers.
Every Friday night.
One night I saw this short little East Indian man dancing
up a storm.
Boy he could dance!!
At the break I sauntered over
(yes that is just what I did!)
and I asked him where he learned to dance like that
He told me he took lessons.
Then he told me that he wanted to teach me.
I said no.
He said yes.
He won!
I was so nervous!!
But he guided me
(pushed me around basically!)
and hollered out instructions!
I had a blast!!!

After that I was hooked!
It is such great exercise.
Nova Scotia dancing isn't like square dancing,
it is more like a cross between irish dancing and maybe
what you'd see in those castle scenes in movies.

I saw these figurines and I thought...oh to dance again!
I hope that the things that really make you happy you pursue.

It is so worth it.