Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010

gauzy light

i am not sure if that is a word or not...
probably not 
oh well ..i thought the clouds looks like gauze.
don't you think?
bob and i went to seadancer to watch the sunset
so beautiful out on the dock and the breeze was refreshing
we met a couple that just arrived on the island
and had a wonderful talk together
and then took them to west end
rotisserie chicken for dinner
that is authentic island food!
on the way we stopped for a baleada.

they are such an awesome couple
i am sure we will see more of them while they are here on the island.
they usually stay in Mexico for 6 months and decided to come to 
Roatan first.
I wonder if they will make it to Mexico...
I really do.

our island wins!!!
yes indeed it does!   

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

finder's keepers

i went for a beach walk with jeanette and rachel
this morning
well it isn't really a beach walk, 
it is more of a walk through a shaded beach road that leads
to a beach.
we meander along the shore past wooden houses on stilts,
little tiny stores
with veggies and fruit in bins out front, 
we walk through anthony's key  
(which is one of the first dive resorts on the island)
and then we hit the beach in sandy bay.
on the way back
i saw this hibiscus laying beautifully and in all her glory
on the sandy beach road.
i passed at the perfect time because she hadn't begun
to wilt or fade.

it made me think about timing.
and makes me grateful that things are out of my hands

i just walk along like a small child and watch things
unfold and happen before me.

i am grateful to be able to see beauty in shades of
red on pebbled sand.
a natural jewel placed on our path...
it is a great way to start a day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, 2010

hope is rising

i woke up this morning feeling burdened
it happens sometimes.
i wake up wishing i was closer to my kids,
wishing i could hear their voice
and it weighs heavy on my soul

but this morning while snorkeling i chose to believe
that He will and is taking care of them.
ileave them in His hands
i believe!
it is quiet and awesome under the water 
and i came home feeling assured that 
even though i am far away 
He is not.

when i saw this shot with the little bit of green 
bursting through the twigs i was infused

hope is rising
for me
i hope
for you too.

Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the LORD.
Psalm 31:24


May 12, 2010

say what?

yesterday i took a couple of canadian girls
that i met snorkeling at west bay out on a tour
of the east side.

we stopped at the view, went into turquoise bay,
explored the garifuna village of punta gorda,
and into joneville where harold picked us up in his boat 
for lunch.

harold took us for a tour of the mangroves before
taking us to his little restaurant that sits on the
shore of bodden bight

we were just slowly going  through the mangrove
when suddenly the boat stopped!
my first initial reaction was 
oh no.. is it broken!??
 but the driver exclaimed:
he proceeded to push the boat backwards manually
(because the mangrove channel was too narrow to turn around)
and sure enough there it was

i'd never expect to see an octopus in the mangrove.
so amazing.
i knew i was on an island tour when the boat driver
smiled happily and said,
'that would be some good eatin' right there!'

um.. no thanks.
grateful that at the restaurant we had shrimp instead of octopus!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

let it rain!

oh my goodness we need rain.
we have had a few times of rain in the past 4 months.
today it looked promising but it didn't amount to anything

i went snorkeling with ron, patti and edcuardo are west bay
it was a great swim!

we saw a huge, 5 foot tuna!
that is the biggest fish i have ever seen while snorkeling.
um.. well.. actually we saw a nurse shark once that 
was probably a bit bigger then that.

bob had things to do today so he dropped me off
and i took a water taxi home after our snorkel.
that is a cheap boat ride in my books!
i love it!
this photo is taken while on the water taxi.
ronnie my driver gave me his number and a guarantee
for the 'lowest prices on the island' for boat tours
to utila, cayo cochinos, or even palmetto bay.
when he quoted me his price i thought...
well.. those aren't  really the lowest!!

then i took a taxi to the house
my taxi driver's name was Jesus.
who would have thought i'd get a ride home with Jesus today!

actually i  like  to take Him with me everywhere I go
He is great company...  

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

what is it?

any ideas?
i know it looks like a piece of burlap doesn't it?
but it isn't

it is alive.
well not really
it was alive.
it is now dying
it is in a state of decay.

i saw it while i was going for a walk to the
little pulperia (store)
for icecream
by the way,
have you guessed yet?

i cleaned house today
so the icecream was a little treat for bob and i
treats are important
yes they are.

have you guessed?
i hope so
 because i am going to tell you what it is right now.
it is part of a palm tree 
part of the trunk of a palm 

i never cease to be amazed 
at the beauty that is all around.
i am enjoying my new camera
it shoots with more saturation than i like
so i had to desaturate this.
i like vivid colors but not all the time.

it is the only drawback to the camera 
that i can find
(and no i don't have it set on vivid)

sorry if you want icecream now.
maybe you should go have some too!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

if you are a mother i hope you had a wonderful
day surrounded by people you love and
spoiled in ways that you deserve.

see the mother and the baby in this photo?
i didn't notice the bud at first but it was fitting to post
on mother's day. 

it was tradition in our home to make breakfast in bed
on special days.
i have had many many interesting breakfasts from my kids.
when they were small it was a little scary to eat what they
had prepared for me.
i guess the most 'unique' mother's day breakfast
was when they decided to make me 'green eggs and ham'
i used to decorate cakes so they used some green paste
and i tell you those eggs were really green!
it was okay until i began to eat the over easy eggs 
because suddenly the green with the yellow of the yolk
made a very bright and somewhat disgusting blue color!!!
blue eggs are... really.. hard to stomach!
i could barely eat it.
but i did.
of course!  

this year we didn't have any kids around but it was good to
skype with mattie.
when bob told him that he was given a keyboard to use,
mattie was encouraging bob to play something.
every sunday for a long as i can remember bob would
play a variety of songs while the rest of us got ready.
it was just part of the morning.
so bob went over and played 'great is Thy faithfulness'
the next thing you know they are jamming away together
over the miles...
still connecting.
it was a very special mother's day gift to me.

bob and matt making music together over the miles

bob called his mom while we were at 
infinity bay after our snorkel.
no matter where we are
we often think of those we love far away.


May 8, 2010

the journey begins

some of you know i have been camera less
for about a month.
my friend laura let me borrow her little pentax
so grateful for people like her!

on friday a couple from the states 
came here on a cruise ship
and brought the camera bob had ordered online.

oh joy.
that is all i can say.
it is very similar to my other canon.
it will take some getting used to 
but i know i will enjoy it

i was going to get another rebel
(that one broke too.. too much humidity and salt here)
but the thing i like about the canon 20sx 1s 
is that it has a great zoom and the same size lense as the rebel

so begins the journey of
taking hummer pictures again.

i need to start using my tripod more because
holding the camera upright waiting for these little
guys to land in my 'shot' is really very hard on my neck.

but it was worth it
i think.