Friday, September 10, 2010

Sept. 10, 2010

green burst

when i think of roatan i think of two colors:
turquoise blue and beautiful green


today i went out photographing green
it was an easy job to do
whenever i leave the island the first thing 
when i return is soak up green

we have one two lane road that winds around the island
not alot of asphalt and highrises so all the backdrop is green
i love it!
so lush 
so beautiful

bob and i went into coxen hole
and then for a drive to seadancer
here are a few more green images for you to enjoy

green is beautiful!

we had a good day
i had a head on collision while snorkeling
yes it's true
ran smack dab into a tourist
and i was going pretty fast.
i not only feel rather silly but have had a headache all day
and my neck is royally out

but in spite of it all
i am still doing fine in paradise.

i hope you had a great day too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sept. 9, 2010


i taught carlos, our gardener, how to make planters 
large plant in the back, medium in the middle and small ones around it
i had to smile when i saw this!

how is that for being resourceful?'s an old pampers wipes container

why throw it away when it can be used?
and he even made a hanging one.

and calming too!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept. 8, 2010

in my garden

went to the shop again today
the carnival ship came over to the coxen hole port
due to high winds are mahogany bay

we had a great day there
people on the carnival are fun loving and generous by nature
we sold alot of things for our friends
and had alot of fun conversations

i met a guy who was wandering the street with a tripod,
several camera bags and a nice nikon (did i actually say that?!)
he came in and looked at my photos and we talked photos
he just got his camera and is still shooting in automatic
i have a strong aversion to automatic
i will use it if we are travelling and i just want to 'get the shot'
but i prefer to shoot manual.
he didn't even know how 
so i had a fun time teaching him
it was a great visit

the fruit guy
came by on his bike this morning
and i bought a cantalope and a pineapple
the sweet smell of pineapple wafted through the shop all day


at one point a couple walked in and asked if we had magnets
(we don't)
and after they left bob said
i am a chick magnet
and stuck out his stomach like half of the island men here
i literally cracked up laughing
he is so funny
i am glad that after 28 years together
we still laugh together
it is a gift

when we got home we were both tired 
but it had been a long time since i meandered through the yard
so i went out looking at flowers
this one begged to be photographed
so pretty

i am sitting out on the side deck hoping to catch a breeze
it is starting to get sooo hot here
september is our hottest month by far.

tonight we are going to meet up with the people
we met in church on sunday for dinner
we are going to the island rotisserie chicken
it will be delicious!

i can't wait.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept. 7, 2010

soy estupido

well maybe i should go so far as to say
'i am stupid'
but i sure did a stupid thing

sometimes i just do things so quickly that i regret it
this evening i had uploaded my photos that i took today
from my camera to the computer
now because i have take so many photos everyday
i always erase them off my camera card right away

 i made today's file for my computer 
and i thought i had put all of them in the file
but later realized i had only selected one
this crappy one that i took of a pharmacy
and by mistake i erased all of them

gone forever!!

now you may say no big deal
but today i specifically brought my camera into town 
to take photos for my other blog
and now nothing

i know i know...
i will have more chances to take photos 
but alot of them were great candid shots of people
and they cannot be replaced.

bob has said to me time and time again
don't go so fast on the computer
he is right
i was grateful that when i told him my mistake that he didn't say
'how many times have i told you slow down!?!'

he is a good man.
so ya i am going to be more careful
a hard lesson to learn
but i think i have learned it

i hope.

i am done beating myself up...
hopefully it will be a good lesson learned....

so here is a crappy drive by photo of the farmacia
it is nicely painted i have to say...
but photo worthy?
not really.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sept. 6, 2010

five smiling faces

aren't these kids so precious?!
i saw them coming out of the school
they were laughing and running around
 the evening light
so perfect on their faces
so i asked if i could take their photo

i love how the one boy is beaming
usually hondurans don't smile for a photo
but i got all 5 to smile
and i didn't even have to ask them to smile
they were having fun
they were just being kids

someone said to me the other day
isn't it hard to live amongst so much poverty?
yes it is
but in spite of the poor living conditions, 
lack of good running water,
and no prospects for a thriving future
inspite of all that:  they are basically happy

it's beautiful

this school is about a 5 min. walk down the beach
from where we live

amber and i decided to go for a beach walk before dinner
to catch some breeze and a sunset
she went out deep sea fishing today and
she was thrilled that they caught some tuna 
apparently a barracuda snapped at one of the tuna before they could reel it in
did i ever tell you how much  i hate barracuda??!
anyways she asked if they could come over to cook the tuna
i think she thought i had some expertise but i haven't ever
cooked tuna steaks before.

the sunset was lovely
the tuna was delicious
and so closes another day in roatan


i spent the day cleaning and 
now at 9:00 pm i am ready for bed
God bless your sleeping and your waking


Sept. 5, 2010

convo by the sea

every sunday afternoon we go to west bay
for our 'beach day'
it is wonderful because it is a beach day for  many people on the island
(translated:  the beach is packed!)
you look out and see many people greeting, kissing, talking and laughing
or standing neck high in water to stay cool
or walking hand in hand along the hot sandy shore
or sitting in the shade sipping a cool drink

i managed to capture those three people standing on the beach chatting
with the sun setting behind them

we met a new couple yesterday
dan and linda
from colorado who want to move here!
how exciting is that!?
they sat in front of us in church
making the number of gringos there now 6 instead of 4
yeah.. we go to an island church...a wonderful place!

so as we were talking after church we realized that we needed
more time to answer all the plethora of questions so i invited them
over for lunch and they joined us for our beach day:
snorkeling was too murky but dan enjoyed it anyways
he said
wow i can see that this would be beautiful on a clear day!
don't you love that kind of attitude?  i do

we sat at infinity bay talking under the shade of the umbrella
enjoying the trade winds that were blowing
and yes..
answered many many questions about life here on the island

it was a great day together!

 everyone who comes to our house enjoys our hummers that visit
i get them first thing in the morning, alone, and they do amazing things
for me, their mama because they are comfortable with me
i took this photo without a zoom.. yes i am THAT CLOSE!

isn't this the most amazing photo??  
i should have made this my photo of the day....
what was i thinking??   


one thing about life in honduras that is challenging is:  afternoon heat!!   we have west facing windows that fill the whole back of the house so believe me it gets HOT in the house.  often i go out on the side deck to find a breeze, or we go shopping, snorkeling, or i go for a walk.   i enjoy late afternoon walks by the sea.

here is a slideshow i made of some of the photos that i took while out walking and visiting with neighbors and friends.