Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010

consistent glory

a simple reward at the close of the day 
is to catch the sun rays shining through the clouds

consistent glory
i was sitting at the table talking to friends
at the end of our garage sale, feeling tired but satisfied
when i saw the tip of those rays barely in view

i grabbed my camera, went in the backyard
and began to get as high as i could
i ended up climbing one set of stairs 
and another small stone rock way til i was in clear view 

i just stood there amazed.
what beauty!
my heart is thankful that as faithful as the sun is
in rising and setting each day
so is His goodness and care in my life.

this day marks an end of a chapter of our lives
many people downsize
but we took it one step further
we liquidated everything.
i have a strange peace and a lightness of heart  tonight
as i stood there watching those rays burst through the clouds
i thought i am blessed

i have nothing in this world
but i have everything i need.

Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010

looking up

in the midst of very little sleep,
long days,
having allergy issues
and an upset stomach
(maybe the water)

i keep looking up
i keep finding grace in the midst of it all
i am so thankful.

we are having a garage sale tomorrow
and need a bunch of tables
so we were trying to get a key to the church
to get them.
this was taken at our friends
place up in the North BX area of Vernon.

they weren't home but i enjoyed the view 
from their property.

July 15, 2010

moving on

we have had all our stuff in storage for almost 2 years while
living in roatan.
we don't foresee us leaving the island anytime soon so decided
to auction the big stuff off.
what a huge job.
tonight i am so tired that i can't even get up the energy
to talk!
for those of you who know me that is tired!!  :-)

we thought about shipping all of this to the east coast so
the kids could have it as they set up their apartments but
it would have cost too much so we are getting rid of it
here and will help them out when we get to the east coast.

i have kept
personal things like
the kids artwork and stories
christmas ornaments
china that has been in the family for awhile
momentos that the kids will enjoy looking at later
or give to their own kids.

i probably kept too much stuff but that is me
i did pretty well with the whole process until at one
point i dropped a hand painted plate that belonged to my Mom
i just brought down and wept...
bob, the sweetie, came and wrapped his arms around me saying
'i know it's hard...'

it is bittersweet.
it feels ackward and strained at times but 
for the most part it feels liberating to be free of all that

our friends betty and george took us out for a nice
the views were breathtaking.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

canadian grown

one thing i miss about canada
(other then the kids of course)
are the canadian flowers.

we arrived in canada late last night
in a cloak of chilly darkness and headed
straight to bed.
i couldn't wait to go out walking this morning
to capture some of my favorite flowers.

i love geraniums so much!
i took this at our friend's place first thing this 
bob and i later went for a nice brisk walk throughout the
neighbourhood and i was ohhhing and ahhhing
about all the flowers that i love:
viola, bush roses, glads, lilies, russian sage.

i was in my glory.
today we are resting up a bit since tomorrow
the auction is coming to take our stuff that is in storage
that will be a busy day.

is it hard to part with our stuff?
oddly, no.
i thought it would be.
i guess i will let you know tomorrow.
but having lived without it for 2 years i realize that i really
don't 'need' it.

mind you there are sentimental things that we will keep
like photos, books, dishes that has been in the family for years
but the furniture and stuff...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010

pike's market

so the journey continues...
we landed in seattle at 4:00 pm and our next flight to 
kelowna, bc was leaving at 10:50
so instead of hanging around the airport for 7 hours
we decided to take the train to pike's market

i am so glad we did!
what a wonderful afternoon/evening we had exploring the
we ate at ivar's fish place by the sea and 
had delicious fish and chips with many
seagulls vying for a possible cast away chip 
coming their way.

it was great to walk through the city
after all those hours of sitting on the plane
or waiting for a plane.

it is one of the things i love about bob...
he isn't afraid to venture out.
right now we are back at the airport,
the evening sun is leaving her lovely
soft colors in the sky and reflecting
off the plane's that are lined up ready to go

even in an airport there is beauty to be seen.

July 12, 2010

las vegas shows

this is the closest we got to any shows in vegas!
after spending the night on the plane from honduras,
and catching a couple of hours sleep in the airport
by the time we landed in vegas, and had a bite to eat
i couldn't keep my eyes open!
we had planned on going to the strip to see some night life
but i jokingly said to bob,
'wouldn't it be funny if the best we could do was 
crash on the bed, and fall asleep til morning with our clothes on'

well that is exactly what happened!
i remember waking up and thinking
what a beautiful sunlight morning!
but as i walked to the window i realized it
wasn't morning at all but the middle of the night
and the golden light was actually all the
lights of the city.

so i got my pj's on and slept til morning
a full 11 hours later.
so much for night life in vegas!!
oh well...

i needed the sleep and got it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010

traveling palm
traveling palm

i thought it was appropriate to take a photo of this
traveling palm 
since today is the beginning of our journey to canada
both bob and i don't like to spend alot of money
on flights so that means several
 connecting flights and overnights and waiting
for hours in airports.

but it pays off in the end.

so here is our schedule:
5:00 pm fly to san pedro sula
1:15 am fly to fort lauderdale
through the night
leave fort lauderdale at 1:15 pm
fly to las vegas
hey baby!!!
spend the night, relax, see the city a bit,
and catch up on sleep
fly from las vegas to seattle
hang out at the airport for a few more hours 
then arrive in kelowna, bc canada
at 12:15 tues morning.

so yes we are travellers
making our way home
little by little

i like to people watch and photograph
odd things so that helps to pass the time,
we play cards,
we go on the computer if the airport has wireless
(in honduras we can still use our tigo stick...)

so adios roatan
my beautiful island
see you soon.