Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010

365 faces of Roatan
(click on photo to see large)
(click on it again to see it even larger... oh technology!)

i have been thinking for quite sometime what i would do for my final
photo of my 365 project
was it divine or absurd that i decided to take
365 photos in one day??!
yes you read that correctly!
 i took 365 photos for my last 365 photo

i think it was a bit divine and a bit crazy!!
what a HUGE job
but it was a perfect sunny day
i was really banking on having alot of tourists wandering around the
port since the made in roatan shop was open
BUT only a small columbian ship docked and it wasn't busy

so i wandered by the cruise ship docks,
throughout coxen hole,
through the 'swamp'
through the mercado
along the dusty roads and beach of west end
along the beach of west bay,
in front of petro sun gas station
and inside of pizza inn 
(it is pizza night, after all!)
then i went to plaza mar
and ended up taking a few more that i needed 
at los gemelas

you think taking 365 photos is difficult then try 
imagine explaining it to that many people and most of them 
i was grateful for bob's help because he would go up to 
people and simple say
una photo por favor?

at one point as i was driving down a tree lined road towards
emerald beach on my way to west bay
i was overcome with emotion as i thought
'oh how i love all these people'
i was blessed to engage with so many local faces
and dear hearts today
one thing i realized is that the spanish, in particular,
LOVE to get their photos taken!!
what fun!

so.. enjoy the faces of roatan
they are so beautiful and  precious to me!

will i do another 365 photo project next year?
um.. no
it's been quite the ride and wonderful adventure but 
i will take a year off
from daily photography

thanks so much for sticking with me throughout this year
i hope you have enjoyed seeing my tropical world

one and all

Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30, 2010

my better half

i asked my friends what my last photos should be
and one said a nude photo but most opted
for a photo of bob and i

needless to say
i opted to forgo the nude shot,
aren't you glad??!

so here is bob and i
the man who dwells by my side
through it all
through the storms of life and through the joys
to the one person who still makes me burst out laughing
and know how to calm my silly fears
who never complains about my cooking ever
and who still holds my hand and my heart

my better half
my friend

December 29, 2010

thanks kids

as this 365 photo blog comes to a close i would be 
amiss if i didn't thank our kids.
 leaving them in canada was not easy,trite thing for us
and as well it was not easy for them to not have parents nearby

so thanks
for letting us go...

we recognize it is a sacrifice to not have us near by you
you have given up many things...

like not being able to pop over for dinners whenever you want
like having to move into new apartments without our physical help
like not having a "mom baked" birthday cake in 2 years
like having to skype christmas instead of having me fuss over you like i usually do
like not being able to have a car to drive
like not being able to talk to us on the phone whenever you want
like not being able to watch movies together
like not being able to have a place to do laundry for FREE
like graciously giving up all your 'stuff' when we sold everything in the container
like not having a home to go to on the holidays

we recognize all of this and more
and we say THANK YOU
we love you,
daily pray for you,
and believe that just as He has unfolded a marvelous plan for us
that the same will be for each of you
and that each of you can say
'it is well with my soul'
(thanks for that painting david)

sending a "larger than usual" dose of LOVE your way today.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 28, 2010

all dark

oh  yum!
i love chocolate 
but a couple of years ago i decided to try dark chocolate
oh my goodness
i love dark chocolate.
thanks to my friend denise for sending this to roatan for me

is it too early to eat chocolate?
never never
never never never
never never never never
never too early to eat dark chocolate!!

December 27, 2010


Bob and I went to seadancer to watch the  sunset
i admit i was freezing!!
we have had quite the nor'easter blowing on our side of the island
and i had goosebumps.

i was so surprised to see this kids jumping into the water
they were from the mainland
and normally locals don't swim at this time of year

brave souls!!

 that girl jumped about 15 feet into the water.. several times!!
high waves means high winds
needless to say we didn't stay long 
and i snuggled up against bob the whole time...lucky him!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 26, 2010

like a dream

this was taken at church
yes i know,
i shouldn't be distracted taking photos at church
but look how beautiful she is!

she is a picture of serene beauty
she is a beautiful woman:
inside and out
His presence can be seen in her
this Christmas over and over again
i marveled at the gift of HIMSELF

i see Christ in her.
serene beauty.

Monday, December 27, 2010

December 25, 2010

 christmas skype style

isn't technology amazing??
we were able to open up gifts and stockings with the kids
we could see them, 
hear them
almost touch them,

i wish we could have been together but it was the next best thing
bob looking tropically festive!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 24, 2010


after a very busy week of going out everyday to distribute
food, clothing and toys to many different areas and poor families
on the island
i was so excited to go to a party at our friend's
patricia and rons
it was wonderful to get dressed up
and enjoy the festivities!!

at one point i heard patricia say 
la estella de narnia
so i walked over and said,
did you say the star of narnia?
she said yes that her friend was in the play narnia 
that night
we all decided to go
it was a blast!

and it was in spanish too!!

click on the collage to view large

December 23, 2010

green and yellow

small and quaint
green and yellow
it isn't much 
but people take pride in what they own

i love the colors
it is common to see hot pink houses,
bright purple,
every shade of green

the other day i was talking to some tourists 
in front of the shop
and i was explaining that people may not have much
but they are happy
at that time one of my island friends walked by
and i said,
isn't that right?

and he looked at me,
opened up his arms wide and exclaimed:
"we gots everything
look around!
we gots everything here!!

then he walked away smiling
it may not be much but they have everything
imagine if we had that attitude!

today is our son, david's birthday
don't forget honey
'you gots everything!'
Blessings to you!
i love you and miss you sooo much!