Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6, 2010

coming rain

the weather is changing all around the world
it is.
severe weather
earthquakes are becoming common
if that is possible.
we lived through an earthquake here in roatan 
believe me ~ there isn't any common about it.

the media is a wonderful thing but the problem with it
is that i think we can become desensitized to the reality
of what is really happening.
'oh my another earthquake in chile'
without realizing the magnitude of the devastation.
i often cry watching the news these days.
i am grateful that when we had our earthquake 
a 7.1 that not one person died.
one person was injured.
one home was damaged.
that's it.

i almost fell on my knees in utter gratitude after it happened.
it could have been so much worse.

even our weather now is kinda crazy.
look at that morning sky!!
yes those clouds have rain in them.
we are having more storms and nor'easters then we usually do
normally our rainy season would end mid february

not that i really mind to be honest.
i enjoy the cooler weather because it does get awfully hot and humid here

look at all those snow storms too!
more snow and ice then usual.
it's changing.

i think it is more then just weather.
i think He is on the move again.

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010

double to love

most evenings we take a walk to see the setting of the
tonight was one of those cloudless sunsets
so we watched the sun drop lazily into the horizon
from start to finish

but me?
i have my eyes on my girl.
i have seen so many sunsets but not through her eyes

remember to hug those you love.
they are our greatest treasure on this earth.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010

pride of barbadoes
that is the name of this plant
i think if i lived in barbadoes and this plant was there then
i'd feel pretty proud of it.

it's beautiful.
they grow on small trees all along the road side.
orange/yellow blazes of color grace the way.
so delicate and lovely.

i have planted some seeds in the yard so we can have our own.
the ones i planted though which were red and orange.

it is like a sunset on the stem!

March 3, 2010

catching some zzz's

i have often wondered why dogs sleep so much
during the day here.  
it is common to see them sleeping right in the middle of the sidewalk
or under chairs
or by the door
or under a tree.
once a saw a dog asleep on a large wooden table.

catching some zzz's.

having lived on this island for a year now i think i understand why.
the dogs here are noctural.
they are up all night.
bark bark barking at everything that moves.
many people have dogs to guard their places and so they are doing the 
'night shift'

you get used to hearing dogs bark at night.
they bark all the time.
at first it used to freak me out and i'd think
'oh oh, is there someone on the property trying to break in?!'
but now i know that often they are just barking for the sake of it.
one time our friend told me that she heard the dog barking like crazy
she looked out her window to see him standing there just barking at the window 
and when he saw her in the window he really went to town.

so yeah they need to catch some zzzz's during the day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 2, 2010

fimo flipflops

our daughter Emily made this earrings
aren't they adorable?!

i am going to sell them in the "made in roatan" shop.
she also made magnets and hair barretts.

such a talented girl she is!!

March 1, 2010

unda da sea

welcome to my world.
i began snorkeling about 6 months ago.
it was quite the victory since i can't swim and i hate to be 
over my head.
but little by little
with bob's help, encouragement and prompting
i over came the fear.

now i love it!!
i would go out everyday if the weather permitted.

this is my first attempt at using the underwater camera.
well the main reason is because i can't see...
this is the only one that was remotely decent.
such a shame because i took a photo of a beautiful angel fish,
a butterfly fish, a trumpet fish and a snapper.

i don't even know what these yellow fish are called.
but it is pretty either way.

i love to be..
unda da sea!

come on admit it .. 
you are singing!! 


Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010

red letter day

i am not a big sports fan
but i love the olympics!!!
today is the big hockey game between 

i am rooting for our Canadian boys to take the gold
just watching the game now.
but either way...
we have reason to be proud.

by the way,
this flower is called
a red cockscomb.

beautiful isn't it?