Friday, December 3, 2010

December 2, 2010

a clear patch

the clouds came rolling in late in the day just in time for
my photo of the day
i love the dramatic look of the clouds sitting heavy with rain
behind eagle ray restaurant, west end

usually it rains and rains and rains during this season
but all week the sun has been shining and it was
hot enough for me to have to apply sunscreen
and also get that 'roatan sheen' look
(sweaty face)

this was taken around 4:30 after a full day at the shop
we had to go see susana in west end 
to get more of her necklaces as we
we're pretty much all sold out at the shop!
which is a great problem to have!
we have had several 'repeat' visits this week
that means people who were 
on a cruise last year and back again
it was encouraging because  they came looking for the shop
saying it was the highlight of their trip!
what a joy to see them again and visit together!
we thank God for their generosity in helping the island folk!

happy friday
i hope your weekend has enough rest to revujenate you
and enough fun to make your heart sing!


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