Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1, 2010

december's dawn

i never thought i would see a winter morning like this!
so blessed!

i was raised in northwestern ontario
where we would have at least a couple of feet of cold, brittle snow
everywhere by the first of december
as kids there was so much snow that we could walk up onto the roof
and then jump off into the snow
crazy, i know!!

we would put our tobaggan behind my brother doug's skidoo
and he would roar up and down the street - for fun!

i have froze many parts of my body:
nose, ears, toes, fingers!
i can still recall what it felt like as they began to thaw out -
tickly and painful all mixed up
and my mom would make hot chocolate
as i thawed

i once made a 'bobsled run' behind our house up in the rocks
and unfortunately hadn't 'banked' the corner with enough snow
and i flew OFF, 
soaring through the air with my little flying saucer under me
at the tune of 50 feet
my greatest mistake:  i let go of the saucer!
it meant i landed up to my neck in thick compact snow!!
 it meant my brother's to leave the hockey game to come  dig me out.
funny i don't recall anyone saying:
debi i am so glad you didn't break your neck!!

i have gone snow shoeing, cross country skiing, tubing, 
sledding, skating (which to me means falling alot!)
i have trudged through snow up to my thighs,
i have walked to school in freezing temperatures
without a hat!  (highschool!)

i have made snow tunnels, igloos, snowmen,
snow angels 
and all that time in the snow it felt normal

and now??
i have a new normal
that doesn't include cold, or ice, or snow
it means being able to go out to get this photo at 6:00 in my PJ's
it means never wearing socks,
it means being cold when the temps go down to 68F,
it means having sand in our car all year round,
it means carrying an umbrella to keep the sun off,
it means gardening all year round,
it means eating fresh fruit all year.. every day...

this truly is a dream come true for bob and i
our caribbean home
our tropical life
we don't take it for granted
we know He called us here
how could we say no?
(although i didn't want to come at first, but that is for another time)

we know we have been blessed
so blessed!

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  1. Thanks for the memories Debi - winters in Northern Ontario. I remember helping mom hang clothes outside on the clothes line. They would freeze solid, then she would bring them in, and wait for them to dry ... never did understand that. (no clothes driers back then) Loved the outdoor skating rink with the old record player blaring scratchy tunes from the speaker on the skate shack. We seemed to be oblivious to the cold.

    love ya
    xx Bonnie xx