Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 23, 2010

green and yellow

small and quaint
green and yellow
it isn't much 
but people take pride in what they own

i love the colors
it is common to see hot pink houses,
bright purple,
every shade of green

the other day i was talking to some tourists 
in front of the shop
and i was explaining that people may not have much
but they are happy
at that time one of my island friends walked by
and i said,
isn't that right?

and he looked at me,
opened up his arms wide and exclaimed:
"we gots everything
look around!
we gots everything here!!

then he walked away smiling
it may not be much but they have everything
imagine if we had that attitude!

today is our son, david's birthday
don't forget honey
'you gots everything!'
Blessings to you!
i love you and miss you sooo much!

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