Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 27, 2010


Bob and I went to seadancer to watch the  sunset
i admit i was freezing!!
we have had quite the nor'easter blowing on our side of the island
and i had goosebumps.

i was so surprised to see this kids jumping into the water
they were from the mainland
and normally locals don't swim at this time of year

brave souls!!

 that girl jumped about 15 feet into the water.. several times!!
high waves means high winds
needless to say we didn't stay long 
and i snuggled up against bob the whole time...lucky him!!



  1. kids ... what can you say ... motherly advice comes to mind: you are going to catch your death of cold; that water's too shallow, you could break your neck ... kids, what can you say!!!

    xxx Bonnie xxx

  2. ya for sure!
    and there i was .. the responsible one (?!) saying.. can you jump one more time so i can get a photo??!!