Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6, 2010

firework flower

i love flowers
i have never seen anything like this one though
the neighbourhood boys, 
edwardo and ricardo
saw this flower high up on a tree on the east side of the island
they were with their dad at a kiln 

the only way they could get it was to 
climb up a mountain of sawdust 
(to quote ricardo)
that was as high as the tree
and finally they were able to get a flower for me

they just kept thinking:
'oh debi would love this!'

they are right!
i wish i knew what it is called
i also hope that they grow up to be men
who will go to great lengths to get beautiful things
for the one they love.

oh by the way,
the fragrance is intoxicating!
i have it sitting on the dining room table and
with the sea breeze the smell is deliciously sweet
and wonderful.


Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

beach walk

jeanette and i like to rise early
and greet the day 
with sand in our toes,
cameras on our arms,
sunscreen on our shoulders
and stories to share from our hearts.

it is a very special time of day for us.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4, 2010

hammock anyone?

i took my friend melissa out to turquoise bay for lunch.
for a belated birthday lunch.

melissa.. beautiful as ever!

turquoise bay
 is a wonderful place on the east side.
pristine beach
white sand
a great pool
delicious food.

we had a wonderful afternoon together
catching up
encouraging each other
laying in the sun
going in the pool to cool off
and eating the freshest snapper ever!

i love it here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010

flying home

sounds funny.. almost surreal to call this home
but it is!
i am so grateful for the chance to live on such a beautiful island!

this area is called west bay.
if you look at the top shore you will see a large resort.
it's called infinity bay.
that is where we go snorkeling.
it's cool because you can see the path we take out to the reef and 
then to the deep blue sea.
imagine fish of multiple colors swimming by
coral swaying softly to the sea tide
sea turtles nippling on coral
and a peace that is remarkable!

it's wonderful  'under the sea!'

today when we landed
i was so overjoyed to be back that i almost applauded!
i should have.
i was clapping in my head!! 


February 2, 2010

my photos

since we opened the 'made in roatan' shop
bob convinced me to sell my cards.

this trip to florida meant developing my photos
and making the cards.

if you are interested here is the step by step process:

~choose photos
~get them processed
~attach double sided tape to back of photo
~attach to card
~sign card
~number card
~title card
~stamp back of card 
(bob made me a roatan photography stamp.. really beautiful with a hummer on it)
put in archival sleeve
seal sleeve

times that by about 200

hope people will buy them in roatan!!   

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 1, 2010

florida whiteout

everyone here has florida rooms

a screened in porch.

i love sitting out in the florida room.

this year its been too cold.

as you can see from this photo..

it is a bit of a pain when the rain goes sideways!!!

but it makes for an interesting photo.

just thankful it isn't snow.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010


might be a small yard
but hey they have a palm 
and an orange tree!!

we have been coming down to florida for over 20 years
usually it is to escape from a canadian winter
this year we came from roatan.
what a difference.
usually we are swimming and wandering around
wearing shorts.
this year because roatan is actually warmer then florida
we are cold and are wearing jeans, shoes and jackets.

we haven't done much other then hang out with bob's mom
which is the intent of the visit really.

we are spoiling her.
she is loving it.

spoil those you love.
go ahead.. i dare ya!!

January 30, 2010

Lasagna Fritta

one thing about being retired is that somewhere along the time
it becomes normal to NOT COOK
i am amazed at the number of people who eat out every night! 

we have been here for almost 2 weeks and I have made
dinner three times.
that's it.
I love to cook.
I miss cooking.

we ate a 'the olive garden' last night
and I had the Lasagna Fritta

it was good.
i ordered it because i want to make it at home

did you know that the olive garden has recipes available?
i tried to find this one but couldn't.
it is pretty basic though.

i also had a terrific italian sausage/potato soup that was
so delicious and reminscient of my childhood that i was
sighing and ohhhhing and ahhhhing through it all.

my grama used to make the best potato soup ever.
a good mennonite recipe.

do you like to cook?

January 29 2010

plus 55

sebring, florida
we are visiting bob's mom at this 
adult community.

it kinda reminds me of a scene from the golden girls.
i have to hand it to them though:
they sure keep busy!
the other day we went for a walk and  watched dog agility classes
and mini sailboat races
and they play tennis
and pool volleyball
and they had a 'tanglewood idol night'
(we didn't go)

bob is talking about moving to something like this
i keep thinking: he can't be serious!!

he has 3 more years til he is 'legal'
i kinda  hope he changes his mind.

although perhaps it could be fun.
not ready to leave roatan yet.