Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 1, 2010

sinking low

seadancer dock
this is one of my favorite places to watch a sunset 
on the island.
earlier in the week emily and i had taken a beach walk
and she saw a huge tree and said
wow that would be beautiful at sunset.
she is right!\

i have taken countless sunset pictures on the dock
but never one OF of the dock
i love it.

bob offering praise to God

today we are moving to seadancer for a week
because the owners here are coming for a visit.
i am excited because we got one of the bigger

mi amor...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

golden silk spider

went to carambola gardens today 
the most amazing place to see indiginous plants, exotic flowers,
jungle like vistas,
a mountain climb
unfortunately big spiders.
this one is about 2 inches long... at least.

but what really freaks me out are snakes.
saw a big snake in the grass...
i think it was a boa.
i am by nature pretty brave but snakes make me run
spiders and snakes....
one of the hazards of living in the tropics....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010

from miss norma

zinnia's are not native to roatan
brought seeds over
miss norma has them growing in her garden
in flower's bay
she lives opposite the sea in a bright
pink house, on stilts
she is a tiny, wiry little woman who
runs a tiny little store,
she makes and sells dozens and dozens and dozens
of delicious sugar cookies
and enjoys gardening.

that is how we met.
i love gardening too.
i stopped by her house once to admire her garden
and over the months we have become friends.

one time bob said to her,
'so miss norma, we need to find you a nice man'
and she laughed and said,
'no sir.. i don't be needin' no man,
i don't need to be cookin' and cleanin' for no one
i gots da Lord and that's enough for me.'

the last time i went she gave me about 15 plants!
i kept saying
'oh no miss norma that's enough.. i don't need anymore plants'
but she didn't listen.
she is so kind and giving..

yesterday the zinnia bloomed.
it reminds me of her.
sweet lady.

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

merry christmas

christmas in march?
well bob gave me a receipt for a bird for christmas
and i finally got it a couple of days ago!

such is life in roatan
i kept going to the store and he kept saying
manana, manana, manana.

so you can imagine my delight when told me 
that he finally got birds in from the mainland of honduras!!

oh joy.
this is a fischer lovebird
native of africa
from the area of madagascar

he/she is adorable!
it is impossible to tell the gender of these
birds without doing blood work 
so since i like male birds better then females
(they are more friendly and less territorial about the cage)

i am referring to him as a he.
no name yet
but i am leaning towards either
which is 
spanish for love

which is honduran slang for 'parrot'
i would probably call him rico for short.

i am just getting to know him.
right now i refer to him as my little guy alot.

i love birds so much because once they
trust you the rewards and companionship
outweigh any other pet.
it takes alot of time and patience to get them to that point
but it is worth it.

right now, little guy, is very cautious and shy around us all
but he is a beauty to behold and the
sounds of his chirping bless my heart!

March 28, 2010

fire dancing

i can't imagine doing this.
we went to bananarama resort last evening
for 5 dollar burgers/fries,
a crab race 
(which our #52 crab WON!)
the fire dancing.

it was incredible!
i asked the girl later if she ever got burned
and she laughed saying...
"oh yes mam, all da time!"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 27, 2010

heading out to deeper waters

royal blue
mint green
these are the colors of my sea
the deeper you go 
the deeper the blue
they don't call it the deep blue sea
for nothing!   

yesterday we rented a boat at turquoise bay
and headed out to the reef
alejandro, our guide has lived on the
island for over 25 years and knows 
the reef like you and i know our neighborhoods.
it was amazing!
he took us to an area that was affected by an earthquake.
you could see a huge crack in the coral,
we didn't see alot of fish but the reef was
alive with color:
mustard yellow ,
deep purple sea fans.
orange brain coral
light blue coral tubes
and sea fans of so many brilliant colors
waving gracefully against the backdrop 
of the aqua that i was at times
overwhelmed with the beauty!

we also saw a lion fish which will need to be declared 
to the marine park as they are very aggressive 
and eat little fish and they aren't welcome
in the area.

all in all 
it was a fantabulous day
and our guests had a total blast!!