Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010


i wonder where the expression 'pinhead' originated from?
i am not sure 
but i do know that it is fitting for buddy!
he is getting new pin feathers in.

they come in at around 1 year old so i guess
they are his new feathers!
i guess that explains why there are so many feathers
fluttering around the livingroom these days!!

i must say he is growing up nicely 
is getting tamer as each day passes.

it's wonderful.
he will now willingly come on my hand
(even without the lure of millet)
and just yesterday I took him out of his cage
and he didn't freak out and fly around like a 
scared maniac bird 
(which he did about 3 weeks ago)

he is settling in nicely.
i like him.
he is good company 
and so comical to watch as he 
plays with all his toys, and chatters to his
'other friend buddy' 
in the mirror.

buddy, my little pinhead!!
sorry i know i shouldn't call you names.


May 20, 2010

up and at 'em

sorry i wasn't able to blog yesterday but
we ran out of tigo internet minutes and didn't 
get any til today
but i took this photo on the right day, of course.

i took this early early early
at mahogany bay.
we had some friends arrive on the cruise ship 
at 5:00 am (yawn)
and we managed to get to the ship by 6:00 am
one good thing about being out at that hour is the 
light is wonderful for photos!!

we went to the view, turquoise bay, oakridge, 
on a tour of the mangroves, coxen hole, 
and then snorkeling at west bay.
unfortunately it was really murky and visibility was
bad and we hardly saw any fish at all.
we had a big storm the night before and all
the waves had stirred up the sea bottom.
not sure where all the fish went though???

twas a lovely day all in all.

we ate lots, laughed lots,
talked lots,
explored wholeheartedly.

i hope paul and katherine come back someday.
such wonderful canadian folks!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010


makes me want to dive in!!
but i didn't.
we ate breakfast by the pool  at the hotel and then
flew back to roatan this morning.

as soon as we starting driving back on the island
i was struck by the way the green trees
frame our little roadway.


easy on the eyes.
yes indeed
i am happy that we were able to get away
for a couple of days but i am happy to be back
on this peaceful place.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010

from the air!!

this morning bob and i flew to ceiba
it was a tiny little 8 seater plane.
this was the view of the cruise ship as we flew away from roatan

quite the experience!
we sat right behind the pilot
could see all the dials and gadgets
at one point i saw it said
'no fuel'
only in Roatan would we be on a plane that said
'no fuel'
either it was broken or he was almost out of gas
either way I was PRAYING!

we had to go to ceiba to renew our residency
when we got off the plane we heard
that the teachers were having a 'march'
and the bridge to town wasn't passable
so we had to take a taxi to the bridge
then walk across the bridge and
then grab another taxi on the other side.

once at the office we had every document
we need except one so we had to go to the bank to get what we needed
 after waiting for an hour we headed back
to the immigration office to find out the
girl was on her lunch break
so we waited another hour
but alas we finally got it

we opted to stay the night in the city
to get some shopping done,
go to a movie
(which is exciting because roatan doesn't have a theatre)
and go out for dinner.

Thank you Lord for answered prayers, for patience to wait,
and for 'dates' with the one i love with all my heart

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010


i love flowers!
we are renting a large property here and when we arrived
there were lots of trees, palms, avocados (yum)
banana, coconut, and hibiscus
but not alot of flowers.
that has changed.
the garden now is a now a myriad of color

the happy news is this:
the little boy next door is a master at growing seeds
how can a 10 year old have such a knack for that kind of thing??

i don't know but i am grateful.
this plant was started from seed
thanks ricardo!

i am also thankful that the people we are renting 
from put in a well last year
we had problems with little or no water
but now we have lots
which means
i am able to water my garden
which mean
i have lots of flowers.

small joys
like consists of 

like seeds growing....

also just got back from an art show 
where i had my photo cards and photo mattes
for sale
it was a success
i was able to pay off a third of the new camera i got


Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 2010


i bought this shell off a lady 
at Yuba,
the cultural centre for the Garinfuna
near Punta Gorda
they do their dances, show us how 
they make casava bread
and sell a few of their 'wares'

a lady sat behind the table 
looking so hopeful that i would  buy some of her jewelry
i don't need any more jewelry
heck, i don't need this shell.
but truly it is the best speciman that i have ever seen
and some of you know that I am a serious shell lover.
the detail along the edge is flawless
i think probably some fisherman found it..
it has that fresh from the sea look to it!

she wanted 40L for the shell 
which is about 2.00
I gave her 100 L
"keep the change.. for you.. my dear."
she reached up, embraced me fully and kissed my cheek.

it is one of the many things i love about the people here
they know how to express gratitude.

i just smiled and said, you deserve it and more.

then she smiled and said.  
God bless you.

I said He does .. and you too hon.

by the way,
i shot this without my flash and used
the tripod that Bob's Mom got me for Christmas last year
i need to get in the habit of using it more.
especially in low light situations...
it works so well.