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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010


i love christmas
i do
it is by far, my most favorite season
i confess that when we moved to roatan i had to get rid
of alot of christmas paraphernalia and memorabilia
that i had collected over the years

okay confession time:
i had about 15 big plastic containers full of stuff!
garland galore, white lights, outdoor lights, decorations,
candles in shades of ivory or gold, platters, , glass containers 
that i filled to the brim with glass balls and lights,
oil lamps for a soft glow, a nutcracker collection,
christmas books and christmas music and the list goes on
it was tasteful stuff.. it was.

so when we came to roatan i reduced it to
2 boxes
it was an amazing feat!

this is one of my favorite things.
it creates such a soft glow
i could sit and stare at this for hours
thinking about the wonder of the nativity
of the ridiculous yet real plan of God to
make His appearance into the world via a baby
incarnate craziness i think
and to come to a young woman and overshadow her 
by the Holy Spirit
how bizarre
and to appear to simple shepherds on the night shift 
men who were hard working and unassuming
imagine the insanity of that dark night being invaded by glory and light 
of a myriad of holy angels.
no wonder they ran to 'see' this holy One who was born 
imagine the wise men
recognizing a strange yet powerful star in the sky
and following it til it rest over the humble abode of mary and joseph
imagine their shock and amazement when they laid before them
gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh 
 imagine mary looking into the eyes of Jesus and seeing all 
glories of heaven still bursting through Him
Immanuel:  GOD with us!

do i really believe this you ask?
i believe this as much as i believe
the parting of the Red Sea, the water coming from a rock,
Moses standing on holy ground,
and Elijah calling forth fire from heaven.

all of those were divine moments from the Most High
and the nativity was the consummation of them all
the time when God made His finest appearing and dwelt among us

my heart cries out
O holy night


  1. Beautifully said, Debi. Thank you for putting into words that which I feel, that which makes this so important.


  2. Beautiful words Debi, beautiful picture. Love the light - worthy of enlarging and framing.

    xx bonnie xx

  3. What a beautiful devotional you've written! So poignant and true. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.