Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 7, 2010

so true

sometimes you see a message
in the most unlikely places
i was stuck in traffic in halifax
and saw this on the side of an old wooden home
and thought
so true
isn't that often the case?
we wish someone was with us
when i am in roatan i wish my family and friends
were there
when i am in canada i wish my friends from roatan
were here

crazy huh?
well today i looked over at our son
who was smiling  and brighter in his heart
then he has been in a while
and i thought

and i looked in the rear view mirror
at our daughter 
with her snazzy new haircut
and dancing eyes
and thought

so what is the point?
make the most of those you are with
where they are is where you are
don't wish
just be


Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010

queen ann's lace

i don't remember there being fields and fields
of queen ann's lace here in nova scotia
but it is everywhere!
i love it

i went for a walk once we got home
around the property and i was struck by the color
in the background of the late afternoon sun

i forgot my camera earlier or i would have taken
photos of matt and emily standing in the lake at 
birch cove freezing,
or the rowers rowing frantically to the finish line,
or a wet dog dripping by the shore,
or the light sparkling on the water
but it is all a memory
of a lovely summer day here
it was actually hot.

so nice

August 5, 2010

you got mail

i saw this when i went for a walk yesterday
but i didn't have my camera so i went
back today

i can't help but wonder how long that mail
has been sitting in that rusted mailbox?!
i'd guess years...
talk about leaving things undone....

the place does look a little abandoned doesn't it?
i mean why else would the mail be there
for so long 
and the mailbox rusted right out?!!

you know you are in a rural area when you see 
things like that.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4, 2010


this is a sea smoothed rock covered
in felt
made by 
amy marshall

how beautiful

love love love love love
love love love love love

if we think it is easy to love
or that love can be bought
we kid ourselves
true love is a sacrifice
and a self less act
it sometimes hurts

when christ died on the cross it cost him everything
it was brutal to love us in that way
but He was willing

the kind of love that we are giving to our son right
now costs us
it hurts
it isn't easy
it aches and cries

but we are indebted to remain by his side no matter
what he faces, no matter what he goes through.

that kind of commitment.
dedication, compassion and
unconditional love is
straight from heaven i believe.

love oozes from Him
and when we are broken enough and open enough to seeps in
to us.
Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.
Roman 13:8
i am grateful in a tired sort of way for the love that keeps 
me hoping and believing through each day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010

cole harbour

this is the view from our friend's window
i woke up early this morning 
and the light was lovely on the water
it was like glass

it looks like a tiny pond from where i took it
but it is really part of the sea
you just can't see the sea from where i am

made me think that is how it is for us 
we feel like a small part,
a pond,
a little insignificant person
when in reality 
we are part of a greater force
a kingdom of light
unseen by most
but very grandoise and real

August 2, 2010

standing through it all

i took these while waiting for mattie
at the penhorn mall bus stop.
our phone was dead so we couldn't let him know where we were
so we were waiting for quite awhile til we finally
figured to go use the payphone!  
what a novel idea...

waiting is always easier with a camera in hand
time passes so sweetly when i have my camera
i can be in a doctor's office, a government building,
outside at a garage
wherever i am waiting it is easier
because no matter where i am
i seem to be be able to find the beauty of the place

i have a thing for clover
the whole field by the bus stop was a mess of clover
as a kid i would roll in it
i was pretty tempted to do the 'roll'
but i didn't

we have been under some stress lately 
Mattie is going through a rough time
we are glad we are here for him but
that stuff is the hardest as a parent to navigate
because we love them so much and hate to see them
hurt or suffer in any way
but pain is a part of life if we are real and honest
i remember once years ago realizing that
He is in the middle of my pain
it was a simple but revolutionary thought that changed me forever
we tend to try to be good, good, good 
and when we aren't good, good, good we pretend we are 
instead of admitting to God and finding Him right there in the middle of 
all that bad, bad, bad.

see the photo with the yellow flower?
you may think that is pretty but it is way more then that for me
the one standing up tall is symbolic of what i want my life to be like

there are always situations 
that threatens to bring us down
but i want to remain standing
believing through it all.

i find comfort in this verse:
"A bruised reed He will not break
And a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish; 
He will faithfully bring forth justice."
Isaiah 42:3 

no matter what you are going through to today
good, good, good...
or bad, bad, bad...
know that you won't break under it,
but be able to stand
because He is in the middle of it..
He is.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010

dinner out

today after we got matt set up in his new place 
we headed to west chezzacook to dan and shirley's
for dinner

it was a wonderful time of catching up,
sharing a fantastic meal outdoors,
then the guys playing guitar together.
we have spent many a night singing together
with dan and shirley
it was like ol' times again
i am amazed at how musicians can just
jam together!
i can sing but i can't play an instrument
dan is an amazing musician and song writer.
he is one of the few who remembers the lyrics 
of those difficult songs that most of us only
know the chorus to.

matt played along so well,
picking and filling in the spaces so creatively and wonderfully

i am blessed to be surrounded by musicians