Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 29, 2010

thanks kids

as this 365 photo blog comes to a close i would be 
amiss if i didn't thank our kids.
 leaving them in canada was not easy,trite thing for us
and as well it was not easy for them to not have parents nearby

so thanks
for letting us go...

we recognize it is a sacrifice to not have us near by you
you have given up many things...

like not being able to pop over for dinners whenever you want
like having to move into new apartments without our physical help
like not having a "mom baked" birthday cake in 2 years
like having to skype christmas instead of having me fuss over you like i usually do
like not being able to have a car to drive
like not being able to talk to us on the phone whenever you want
like not being able to watch movies together
like not being able to have a place to do laundry for FREE
like graciously giving up all your 'stuff' when we sold everything in the container
like not having a home to go to on the holidays

we recognize all of this and more
and we say THANK YOU
we love you,
daily pray for you,
and believe that just as He has unfolded a marvelous plan for us
that the same will be for each of you
and that each of you can say
'it is well with my soul'
(thanks for that painting david)

sending a "larger than usual" dose of LOVE your way today.