Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13, 2010


I got tagged on flickr by aunt teena
i have avoided those
because i take horrible SP's
and i don't like pics of myself anyways.

but since i like teena i agreed to do it
i am not feeling too perky so it was an easy
photo of the day anyways.
i have taken it easy all day
i am good at that
some people can't stop.
i can.
oh i can GO..
i go like stink 
(so the expression goes)
but when i need to i can stop.

I hope you have a good weekend

March 12, 2010

set apart

i always have been known to go against the flow
we are all followers to some degree for sure
it is built into us
but i remember even as a young person not wanting
to be sucked into commerism and materialism.
i took that to the extreme one Christmas when i refused
to partake in the holiday because i felt we had gone so 
far from the truth of it's real message and i didn't 
want to be hypocritical.

in the 80's i loved to find vintage clothing, 
dye it myself.
i had my own look.

i began to travel when i was out of school
searching for truth.
i looked into hinduism, buddism, bahai, 
i even took a trip to israel to investigate judiasm.
i was fascinated by a race that could endure such tragedies as 
the holocaust and live to tell the tail.

my biggest and radical decision was to follow Christ.
i was very opposed to Christianity over the years:
again the hypocrisy.
so it even came as a surprise to me when i found
myself crying out for mercy to the Christ who i had
resisted for so many years.

the change was radical.
i had a host of habits:
cocaine use, alcohol, pot, extreme bad language and after i begged
for mercy and cleansing 
(after reading psalm 51 one night in my room)
i was totally released from all that had earlier bound me

from that day on He
set me apart.
I believe He sets us all apart once we chose to be His.
the biggest and most profound change was that 
He gave me an "other" focus.
I began to SEE people.. perhaps for the first time in my life.
I began to really care.
I began to want to help.

that hasn't changed over the years.
we are in roatan because we feel called to help here.
pretty sweet place to help.. i must say!

but it comes with cost.
it means leaving family behind.
it means dealing with a culture different from ours 
it means dealing with heat and bugs

today it meant taking a couple of ladies out on a tour
when i am dizzy and not feeling well.
do i regret doing it?
not at all.
am i ignoring my needs?
i want to see dr. raymond last night.
my blood pressure is high.
i need to deal with that.
i have never had this problem before so
we are doing a battery of tests.
i am resting today.

whatever befalls
i will say like asaph the psalmist:
"my heart and my fail may fail but 
the strength of my heart
and my portion

set apart.
i wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

take it easy, will ya??

today has been a busy day.
had bible study in the morning
lunch at a friend's 
a snorkel west bay
visited with a bunch of north americans on the beach
ended up saying yes to taking 2 women out on a tour tomorrow.
heck, i love that!
on the way home i saw my friend standing on the side of the road
waving frantically
it turned out that her tire fell off her car!!
yes you read right!!
i guess the bolts either gave way or someone stole them
either way we are grateful that the vehicle didn't flip
the roads in roatan are hilly and curvy.
she managed to get it safely to the side of the road
and 3 generous men went deep into the jungle to retrieve
the tire.
so we drove her home.

i haven't been home since 10:00 and it is now 5:00
the hammock was calling my name
saying 'take it easy, will ya?'
but not for long since a bunch of us girls are having dinner
together and then an evening of rummikub
oh man, i have to make a salad.
so i better get going!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010

backlit and bokehfied

ever get stuck in a rut?
i sure was when it came to photography for awhile there.
i was stuck in macro land.
more bokeh
oh my
let's go a little closer
i lived for hbw.
how crazy is that?!

then, one day, one blessed day. our son david had a little 'intervention'
for me
we went for a walk and he said
'no zoom, no macro'
with at least 3 objects.
i almost died.
it hurt
i instinctly went in close and he kept stopping me

now i am taking more of a variety of photos:
landscapes, color combinations, groupings, portraits
BUT today I saw all that lovely green and thought

here is the full meal deal for those of you who wonder
what  is beyond all that green bokeh....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

not a cloud

what a wonderful day we had today.
it started out rather disappointing since the cruise ship
wasn't able to dock at mahogney bay due to high winds.
it was a shame since my previous bosses kids were on that ship
and we had planned on touring the island and handing out shoes 
and school supplies to the kids here.


i have mixed feelings about that new dock. 
they spent gazillions of dollars to build it
knowing that on the south side the waves are often higher 
but still they went ahead.
many people's livliehoods depend on the cruise ships coming in.
it's sad.
it wasn't a money issue for us.
we weren't charging for the tour.. just disappointed that the kids who
were expecting shoes weren't able to get any today.

it was a glorious day.
truly beautiful
we went to the shop today and a couple was interested in going on a tour
i tried to find a local person to take them out without avail
so i did it.
we had a wonderful time together.

i love showing off the island.
if you or any friends are coming to roatan please let me know
we will set up a tour or take you ourselves.

it is just too beautiful to not see

tabyana beach, west bay
bill and noreen
enjoying the  beach

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

happy blue monday

the view from our deck
i wake up early every morning
i'd like to sleep in but then i'd miss this

i go out on the deck to breathe deep
the morning air,
refill the hummingbird feeder and
enjoy the view.

we have had so many cloudy days 
i am happy to see them scattering

tomorrow is supposed to be a clear and sunny day
i am taking 4 canadian friends on a tour so 
that will be great!

have a good day yourself

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

i see you

i could hear a certain rustling of the leaves
while i was  laying on the couch.
not the kind of noise from the wind blowing them on the deck
so i meandered over and saw a female lizard trapped inside the 
window ledge and she was rustling through the leaves that also had
blown in there.
we have slatted windows with levers and something critters
or leaves blow in.

this male lizard 
was outside the window waiting for his 'sweetie' to escape
she finally got out so and i managed to get a shot of 
him hanging around.

aren't they magnificent.
i actually took this looking down.  
he was hiding behind the wood on the deck but ahha
you can't hide from me 
mr. lizard!
i see you

got a hummer picture too
for your perusal.