Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010

red in the rain 

usually our rainy season
is finished by now
but we had a late start
so the rains still come

i don't mind
it is a wonderful change
people often fantasize about living in the tropics
but believe me 10 months of sunshine and heat isn't
really glorious and wonderful as one would think

so when we have days like today
we are happy for the coolness that the rain brings.

February 26, 2010

airshow madness

i have been to many airshows over the course of my lifetime
anything like this one!

one thing about honduras 
they aren't like the rest of the world.

they flew sooooooo low,
over the ocean where people were snorkeling,
over the beach where the people were watching

 see how low they are flying??!  crazy

even the hondurans were calling the pilots
which means CRAZY!
i concur!

but it was a fabulous show!

 jeanette and i went out for a snorkel
i didn't really like being out there because they were
flying so close but
i do love to snorkel and lots of people were doing it
so we went!

at one point
one of the planes stalled right over us
i mean right over us
and it was spiralling down towards us.

it was nuts!
i thought... okay well if i am going to die then 
i guess being in the caribbean is a good place
i know this may seem funny but i began to swim
away like crazy 
(as if I could outswim a spiralling plane!!!)
everything was okay
it was all part of the show and he just swerved upward and 
blasted off towards the sun.

i was having a mild heart attack
yeah we decided to go to shore at this point!!!

i have so many photos
that it would probably be easiest if i linked to 
my facebook if you want to see them.

Friday, February 26, 2010

February 25, 2010


 who is fluffybutt you ask??
well those of you who have been following my stream will know
he is a hummingbird 
one who chose to be so friendly with me that i could photograph
him with my 50 mm
and it would look like i had used a zoom on him.


well i got close enough to see how cute and fluffy the feathers 
were on his underside (butt)
hence his name!!
i miss him so much.
i put up some branches near the feeder and he would
roost there for most of the day
i would go out and talk to him and he would
yes i said sing.
it was so beautiful!

one time i was talking with a friend 
and mr. fluffybutt flew up to me
and as i held out my finger he 
touched it with his beak.

well here is the sad news...
he has been missing for about 3 weeks now.
i am so lost without him.

i hope he comes back soon.
my days aren't the same without him

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 24, 2010

secure enough?

this is a common sight on roatan
it bothers the living daylights out of me
so many robberies since Christmas!!

it's nuts!
emily and i went for a walk yesterday down
a little beach road and we saw this.
i took it because it epitomizes life here.
let's see:
fence:  check
barbed wire: check
lock: check

and here is the truly sad part of this blog
last night in the evening i heard moto our dog
barking his fool head off
so i opened the door and i saw a man walking on the property 
he was looking for liliana, our neighbor
fyi: we share our property with another family.

so i told him liliana had gone to church.
he had a bible in his hand.
i thought he was her friend.

but it turned out that while they were at church they 
got robbed.
i feel horrible!!
really terrible.
they lost alot of cash and electronics.

i love this island
but i hate the thievary!!

we aren't sure if that man who talked to me 
was involved or not.
i hope they catch who did it
but i doubt it.

this stuff goes on here 
wayyyy too often 
and nothing gets done.

okay i am done my rant.

February 23, 2010

a secret ingredient

I promised more spring flowers so
here you are.
these are blooming everywhere on  the island right now.

i found out an interesting tidbit
about these flowers.
 if the spanish are low on eggs and have unexpectedly company
they go outside and get some of these beautiful blossoms, add them 
to their scrambled eggs to make them go further.

apparently the eggs are just a little bit sweeter!
can you imagine some fancy smancy restaurant in
North America
serving up some eggs on a lovely plate  with these fragrant delicate blooms.
it would cost a small fortune.
it would be a delicacy perhaps?
i wonder what they'd call it...

  anyways, so beautiful.
these trees are blooming all over the island!!
the cars will give you the perspective of how big the trees are!

Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22 , 2010

handpicked by moi

today emily and i headed over to seadancer
i like their dock.
it is about 500 ft long which means beautiful breeze out there
also it has a upper section 
which means shade underneath.
shade is good.

we sat in the sun for awhile,
in the shade for awhile,
then went for a snorkel.
this shell was laying on the bottom of the white sand
the locals dive for the conch shells, take the conch out for dinner and 
leave the shells laying empty.
a treasure for me.

i like it.
i am happy because i am learning to dive down
and i managed to get this first time around.
yes, i am patting myself on the back.

poor emily got burnt today
even though she put sunscreen on.
fortunately we have aloe vera growing in the yard
so i slathered her.

going to take a sunbreak for awhile to let her heal.
i wear sunscreen too and seldom burn anymore
we jokingly say that:

have a great day whatever your day holds.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010

the end of my sunday

in the morning
lunch at home
good book
west bay
saw queen angel fish
a school of grunt in the number of 1000's 
(not kidding.. was amazing!)
parrot fish
a really cool little blue fish with florescent little dots
and many other fish that i don't know the names of
a sea turtle
later at home
emily and i walked down the steps to the beach
and enjoyed another closing to a great day
the sun dropped lazily into the horizon
we meandered home and made dinner
as the last light was in the sky.