Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sept. 17, 2010

hundreds and hundreds

sorry i wasn't able to post yesterday but our internet
is down for some reason
so i came to a restaurant here that has wi fi, a/c
and the best homemade lemonade on the island!

i wasn't able to capture the flurry of butterfly activity
in the yard 
i am serious when i say there were 100's and 100's.
i guess they are migrating back south
they were very difficult to photograph.
this is the best i could do.

no the sky wasn't orange
i just took some creative liberty and made it that way.
it was a beautiful sight to behold
a wonderful way to start the day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept. 16, 2010

still life

we are so blessed to have a butterfly gardens here
it is just up the road.. maybe a 7 min. drive

i love going there!
i have gone so many times over the past two years
that the owner won't let me pay
she says she can't take money from me
because i am like family

can you believe that?
life is like that on roatan
once people make a connection that is deep and true
they have a hard time taking money from you

it's wonderful
so what i do is take lots of people to the gardens
at least that way some money is coming their way

if you are planning a trip to roatan 
i recommend the roatan butterfly gardens 
they have butterflies, of course
and also they have
about 8 different types of tropical birds
it is a wonderful little bit of paradise in there

the foliage, the flowers,
the birds, the butterflies
it's all so beautiful!

the last time i was there one of the guys asked
about my budgie
so today i brought him with me

look at how small buddy is compared to the amazon parrots!
his wings are clipped and although he can fly a little bit
he can't go far
so i didn't mind having him out of his cage

i knew there wouldn't be any dogs in there 
plus he loves other birds so he had a great time!

i took melissa and the boys
see how brave she is to hold the macaw!
i didn't hold it because i thought what if he 
bites buddy.. it would be a little snack for him
and um.. that would be so tragic!!

these two are mates
how sweet is that?
even though they are diffent types of parrots
so in love!

3 cheers to the roatan butterfly gardens!
one of my favorite places to visit!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept. 15, 2010

c is for cool

today there was a BIG parade in coxen hole
celebrating independence day for honduras.

it was one of the best parades ever
i took sooo many photos
alot of the kids marching, drumming, girls in fancy dresses
but the ones i enjoyed the most were of the people in the crowd

this guy caught my eye because well..
i am a sucker for a cool person
call it a weakness
but even as a teenager i could be swayed by someone
in shades and who  exuded confidence

it took me a few shots to get the photo i wanted of this guy
but finally i got it
i love the expression on his face and the reflection in his glasses

you lookin' at me??
i am

here are a few more photos 
i took over 100 so i thought i would share some with you

the people are so poor and yet they reach down deep to make it a wonderful day
okay these were my favorite little drummers!!!  talk about attitude!
the masses!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept. 14, 2010


tomorrow is independence day in honduras
and the schools have been practicing marching, and drumming
for weeks and weeks.

i blogged about it earlier
and i am happy to say that the 'guys' did great!

they have had parades for the past couple of days
so that each school can march
i was so excited to see the sandy bay school march!
but just as the parade was about to start there was a torrential downpour!!
how it rained!!
they waited for the worst of it to pass and then headed out
i love that about the people here!
don't let a little rain stop you
so they marched
in the rain

proud and wet!
at one point as i photographing a group of girls
who were in gorgeous dresses
i got sooo choked up
i just thought
i love the spirit of this place!!
most of those families are sooo poor and yet
they paid over 35 dollars to get a dress made
they sacrificed for their kids,
for their country
i was touched by that

don't ever think for a second that the poor are
marked with apathy
they aren't
they still live
they still have hope
they still march in the rain
they still bang their drums.
moms with small children
sheltered under umbrellas
come out to support
and celebrate
this little country called honduras
vive honduras!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept. 13, 2010


said one leaf to another:

leaf my tattoo alone, will ya?

i know i know..
it must be the hot afternoon sun that is making my brain
go wonky


but you get the point?
it looks like a tattoo on the leaf
it is the shadow from a tamarind tree.
everyone is going around eating little tamarind fruits
i haven't tried them because well..
i hear they give you the runs
and who needs that??
i barely survived mango season 
so i am staying clear
of tamarinds
and tattoos


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept. 12, 2010

100% garifuna

today we went to the garifuna festival in punta gorda
what a wonderful day
they usually have it on april 12 to commemorate their
anniversary in coming to roatan 
but they had it now and what a turn out they had.
it was so great!

usually they hold it under a small bandstand
that is packed with food vendors, dancers and drummers
but today they went on the beach opposite the church
and they had many tents set up with food to be tasted:
machuca, bbq pork, fresh whole fish, rice and beans,
refried beans and delicious cakes and cookies!
so delicious!

there also were alot of people selling things
i was happy to see that pedro's wife was there selling jewelry
i was happy to meet more of her children.
i bought a pair of earrings...of course!

and the dancing!!!
oh my goodness!
the garifuna know how to dance!
it thrills my soul to watch them in their colorful costumes
dancing to the earthy beat of the drum.
i have many photos which i am uploading to my other blog
i will link to that once i am finished there.

the girl in the previous photo is the little one in the purple dress

what a  way to spend an sunday afternoon
by the sea
with people who own the sand, the sea and the sky 
and dance like no one is watching!

Sept. 11, 2010


i can still remember watching the building crumble to the ground
i was standing in our family room and as it went down
i felt like the core of who i was imploded

so devasting
so today we remember those who lost those they loved
may they be comforted again today
we remember those who worked tirelessly and fearlessly
may they be rewarded from above.
we took our kids (teenagers then) to see ground 0
in nyc
it was numbing to see the devastion, the ruin, and the mountains
of floral tributes

it is being rebuild structurally
and it is my prayer that lives will also be rebuilt
love will flow in to fill those places of loss
especially today
as we remember