Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010

all decked out

i have always loved christmas lights!
when we were kids we didn't own a car
so it was always a huge treat when either a relative or friend
would let all us kids pile into their car and
go driving around 
looking at the lights
you could hear the sounds of our ohhhs and ahhhs

it became tradition to do that  with our kids too
one year, while living in canmore, alberta we decided
to vote for our favorite house in the little town 
i think we shocked the owners when we all traipsed
up the steps, rang the door bell and happily told them
'your house is our all time favorite in the whole town!'
they were a little shocked at first and then they invited us inside
where we stood around, a little ackwardly and then went home
:-) the lights are coming to roatan too!
whoo hoo!
this isn't my favorite 
(no offence roatan rental)
but it was pretty enough to warrant a photo

for the record:
this place in west end has the best baleada's on the island!

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