Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

heading home

this is our main road,
it is narrow, curvy with no shoulders.
this is one of the few straight stretches on the island!
this road circles the island
just two lanes.
there are alot of toyota taxi's that travel this road!
not alot of islanders  have cars so
taxi's are very reasonable...
most rides cost about 1.50
to travel about 10 minutes.
which is so great!
if the person doesn't have any money
then they simply flag down a vehicle.

the truck ahead of us
stopped in front of me
and a mom and her little girl hopped in.
it is just the way things work here.

if you own a car then
i hope that gratitude will rise up in your heart
because many many many people in the world
don't own a car
or a house
or a boat
or a piece of land.

they travel light.
in the back of trucks as the sun is setting.
i think they are in many ways smarter then we realize...


April 16, 2010

the birthday girl!

We all love Pauline.
she is a wonderful spirited, giving Irish girl
who has been living on the island for 8 years now
with her husband Phil.
Pauline is synonymous with Clinic Esparanza  as she
has been volunteering there everyday
for the past 4 years.
can you imagine that?
she just recently began teaching at one of the school's here
i know those teenagers will be blessed to have her
as a teacher as she is dedicated in whatever she does.
she is caring, fun loving, and feisty as any 
true irish woman would be!

her party invite started at 25 people.. a nice 'intimate party'
and ended up being around 70 people there.
why is that?
because we all love her!
it was a wonderful evening together
Phil is an amazing cook and the table was laden with
many delicious foods.
 Many people came to wish her well because 
she deserves it!

Happy Birthday Pol!

woman in black!

it is kinda funny because roatan is a casual island
but for birthdays it is fun to dress up
i couldn't resist getting the woman in black together for
a photo!
pauline is in the middle with the birthday balloon
behind her.

Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15, 2010

leaving port

this was taken from don and jeanette's
place up on the hill.
we were heading out for 
jeanette's birthday dinner.

what a busy day.
i spent the morning volunteering
at the 'made in roatan' shop,
talking to tourists who came off  the cruise ship,
selling local made art work.
a wonderful morning.

i met a couple 
lee and clem 
fellow canadians
who were wondering about a tour to west bay
i had tried to call a couple of local tour people
then it occurred to me:
'i am going to west bay for a birthday lunch!!'
so i offered to drive them to the beach,
have lunch 
then pick them up.
why not?

after a brief moment of hesitation
they agreed 

the birthday lunch was wonderful,

then i drove back to infinity bay and we sat with lee and clem under the shade of an
umbrella  and enjoyed a cool port royal
was refreshing and good
i wish i took a photo of them.
such great folks!!
i drove them back through sandy bay to see our place.
i always like to show people the view from our deck.. 
personally i think it is one of the best around!
lee said,
um.. i could live here!

they enjoyed themselves
so did it.

then i picked up bob
who has been helping to build a wee house for a family here on the island
dropped him off at the house
picked up emily to go groceries shopping for
balloons, and supplies for pauline's birthday tomorrow.
then home for a quick shower,
and off to jeanette's birthday celebration at 
the argentian grill.
great sunset there, 
and fun times.

what a busy yet great day.
um.. for the record
i was in bed by 9:00!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

heaven in my garden

today my friend laura came over today
for our bible study time 
and when it was over she presented
me with her little pentax camera

she kept apologizing saying
it wasn't that good of a camera
imagine that?
it is great!!
 Laura has such a good heart,
she is the kind of person who engages fully when she
sees you,
she listens well, 
asks questions that matter.
she is sooo beautiful 
inside and out.
 her authentic search to find the Lord touches my heart deeply.

  i appreciate her so much!

so..i went out in the garden
and i was in heaven 
taking photos and getting lost in all
the beauty out there.
for He was there too.
it was a blessed time for me.

thanks again Laura.
may your heart be as full of joy in 
giving as mine is in receiving.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

puppy love

this little puppy was born in a small shack
beside  the blue house
beside ours on the beach
he has about 6 little brothers and sisters
i am partial to a black and white one myself.

an island family lives there and the puppies are
being taken care of by a young boy named bradley
we saw them shortly after they were born
and emily has fallen in love.

each time we walk on the beach to watch
the sunset we stop and say hello,
snuggle and give a kiss on the puppies
wet little noses.
as the sun drops into the sea and the night sky darkens
we walk home longingly
we had one of these in our arms....

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

garifuna festival

went to Punta Gorda today for the annual Garifuna celebration.
This is the 213th year since their arrival on Roatan.
it is so wonderful to see how they have maintained
their customs, culture, language and authentic cuisine over the years.
they have not be affected by the south american culture or the
north american culture.

we walked along side them
in the hot sun
as they  paraded through town,
along the shores of their tiny fishing village
and watched them re-enact
landing on the shores in  dug out canoes
we so enjoyed their dancing, singing, drumming and enthusiastic joy.

 they were dressed to the 'nines' for this momentous occasion
the colors were astoundingly beautiful!!!
i met my friend catherine there
she had her dress made in the capital of  tegucigalpa
it was specially designed for this event.
those are her 3 daughters on the front!

the sounds of their singing and the rhythmic beating
of the drums
brought tears to my eyes
as it reminded me of years ago when bob and i were in

they have such spirit
such determination
such joy.
so glad we made the trek over the other side of the island
to share it with them!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010

house of blessing

not many see this side of roatan
i call it the 'real roatan'
this is where patrick lives,
he is the young drummer at our church
who is only 17 and is orphaned.
both parents died and he and his 2 brothers and 2 sisters
are being raised by his grama.

after church today,
i felt compelled to take patrick to the store to 
get groceries.
we have  friends who send us money from canada
my friend luba is kind and generous
and she sent us money to help out a family
this morning i knew that family would be patrick's.

he was thrilled to come groceries shopping.
bob jokingly said,
now patrick no chocolate bars okay?
and he seriously said,
what is a chocolate bar?
can you believe that?

so we loaded him up with rice, beans, flour, sugar,
pasta, plaintains, payaya, mangos, milk,
chicken and many more things.
the cart was full.
so was his heart.

i asked Patrick if he liked peanut butter and he said
oh yes but that peanut butter would be gone in one day
at our house.
i laughed and said,
well let's get it then!!
who cares if it only lasts one day.. it is probably because you love it so much.
he smiled,
his white teeth glistening against his beautiful dark skin
and said,
yes miss debi i sure do!!

we drove to his grama's house.
i call it the house of blessing because
today they felt that God has visited them
and i agree wholeheartedly.
they were so overwhelmed and grateful.

the grama kept saying...

oh glory to God,
God is good!!
indeed He is.

of all the things we brought she was so tickled that
Patrick had got a big payaya.
she said,
I told Patrick that I wanted a payaya so badly
I just didn't think it would come so fast.

You may look at this house and see only poverty
I walked into this house and i saw 
and faith

remember the poor..
they are everywhere around you.