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Friday, December 17, 2010

December 16, 2010

my feathered friend

i have had 5 birds in my life
my first bird was amazingly smart and friendly
his name was sonny
he was a lovely light blue bird we bought through an ad in the paper
a young teenage boy sold him to us
the kids had wanted a bird and it was too expensive
bob was a pastor, i wasn't working we just couldn't  do it
but i said this:
if i find a bird plus the cage for 25.00 we will get it okay?

well... guess what?
the day came when i saw the ad in the paper and i kid you not
i didn't hesitate for one second!
i loaded up the kids in the car and headed right over and bought him!
sonny was the most incredible bird!
the teenage boy had handled him well and taught him many things
we were blessed to have sonny with us
he could fetch!
he would come when i called him!
(he was free flying so he could be anywhere and i'd call him and he'd
fly to me!)
he could talk!
(one time we had sonny do the phone message.. it was pretty funny!
simply.. hello, hello hello! over and over again!
then i said, sonny how many times have i told you don't answer the phone!)
he liked to take showers under running water in the kitchen
he played with our golden retriever, sandy
(training our sandy girl  to not eat the bird is another story!)
poor sweet sonny had a sorry end though
one blustery winter day he flew towards david, trying to land on his shoulder
but with david's winter jacket and someone going out the door,
he slipped and flew OUT
into the cold storm
my friend marsha and i searched for him for hours to no avail
i can honestly say my heart broke that day

so after about a year i tried another bird
this bird was a total dud (sorry to say that)
he was traumatized or something and barely moved
we called mr. statue
i took him back to the store

then we tried a hand raised baby budgie
gracie was her name
she was adorable
very friendly and loving
she would take naps with me, curled up along the curve of my neck
while i slept
she went everywhere i went
so sweet 
until one day,
the day she laid her first egg,
then she turned into a horror bird!
mrs. protective mama!!
she sat on those eggs but of course they weren't fertilized
and i think she just got more and more crazy!!
it was terrible
she started to bite and got very aggressive
i ended up giving her to another lady who had birds hoping she would mate
and you.. know.. fulfill her female dream of being a real mom.
the lady told me she refused to breed.
i left her with the lady when we moved west. 
hopefully gracie has accepted her lot about being female and childless
poor thing.

then i had mango
a beautiful beautiful beautiful lovebird that bob got me for christmas here in roatan
the unfortunate thing about him/her (we never knew)
was that he never really bonded with me
and would literally 'scream' and 'screech' calling to all the other tropical birds
i am patient person by nature but i almost considered shooting that bird!
good thing i don't own a gun.
he drove me mad!
i ended up taking him back to the store and emily helped me pick
out our dear buddy

a buddy for sure!
he is the most kindest and most friendly bird i could ever ask for
he has never bite anyone!
that is remarkable

so yesterday 
after being in the shop all day
i came home to his sweet little chirps, 
i opened his cage and he hopped on my finger
gave me a few little kisses on the lips
and settled down on the couch to watch
wheel of fortune
with buddy on my finger saying sweet nothings to me,
giving me kisses and singing happily

what a sweet little friend he is!

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