Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

my caladium was strewn with water jewels 
i enjoyed her beauty as i slowly made my way
through my garden this morning
how do i know that is a girl plant??!
come on can you imagine a guy dressing up like that!!  

i love the rain!
i remember in canada hating the rain!
i didn't like the cold, the dampness or the discomfort of getting wet
but here i enjoy being out in the rain
it is warmer for one thing
but for another it is as if my soul has been longing 
for liquid for a good long time
after months and months and months of dry season
i welcome the life that the rain brings

today i wrapped a few  presents to send home and made christmas cards
i am finding that christmas isn't commercial,
it isn't about the malls, the decorations, and the shopping, 
and more about sharing times together.
 most people here
can't afford to buy presents but they usually cook a simple meal
did you know the spanish like to eat sandwiches on Christmas Day?!
a simple meal with family? (at christmas!?)
these 3rd world countries are pretty darn smart!!!

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  1. Incredibly beautiful photos of the rain on your caladiums!!