Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010

touchy subject

the wheel is better with buddy!
i have been a wheel of fortune watcher for years
i used to watch it with my mom.
the girl on tv didn't get the final puzzle and i was
literally yelling
that is why buddy is looking at me so 
quizzically... yes birds can get that expression!

my heel has been hurting again 
i think i have overdone it abit
so i was a good girl today
bob went to the shop 
and a doctor came in and told
bob that an achilles tendon can take up to 
6 months to heal!!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010


today is 5 years ago since my Mom passed away
i find it interesting because rather unconsciously i have been
thinking of her so much lately
i made cookies that she used to make,
i made her lemon cake with pudding
i found myself looking at old photos and sighing

you'd think after 5 years it would be easier
but i still miss her
i remember the day of her funeral one of her friends
embraced me and said
'i see your mom in you,
you have her heart'

truly it was the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me
as i watched the hearst drive away with the remains of my Mom inside
i remember thinking
'mom i will try to carry on without you, living as you lived'

today it is pouring with rain
a hard steady rain that drums on our little wooden house
it is fitting
there is a melocholy feel in the air for me today
missing her
hence the photo:
a droopy flower
but still beautiful


i made a set of photos a few years ago on flickr
if you want to go
and read some stories and memories of my Mom
she really was a character!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010

rain's a comin'

as we were driving home from the shop today
(which was ridiculously s.l.o.w)
i saw the tips of those clouds above the trees so i asked bob
to drive into seadancer so i could get a photo.
it was a short walk across the beach
and i was blown away by the dramatic, heavy
and yes, rain filled clouds!!

and yes, we barely made it back to the car
before the rain fell!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9, 2010

happy birthday yourgin

wouldn't you love a sky like this to help you celebrate your birthday??!
it was so spectacular!
living in the caribbean pretty much guarantees a decent sunset most nights
but i have never seen a sunset quite like this!!

perhaps this was God's present for Yourgin...
i remember years ago when we were living in Saskatchewan
it was my birthday
i had gone out for chinese food and then went bowling with my sweet family,
 after the kids were in bed 
a friend dropped by and asked if i wanted to go for a birthday walk.
it was a cool fall night,
the sky was clear and bright
we were standing outside my friend's house talking when suddenly
she said,
'debi look up!  i think God has saved the best present for you for the last!'

i looked up and right over my head,
in a perfect circle was the most magnificent display of
northern lights shimmering in shades of green and blue.
i almost cried!!
it was a pulsating display of His love right over my head!!

i know that yourgin was very happy on his birthday
they don't typically celebrate birthdays on the island here
so he was surprised by the meal, and the cake and the gifts
but i still think the best gift
is the sweetest sunset ever from the Father above...

November 8, 2010

our jungle abode

we have been living in roatan for two years now
it has been quite the adventure to say the least
it occurred to me that i don't think i have ever posted a photo 
of where we live!

it makes me laugh because that is so typical of me!
when i was younger and traveled all over the globe
i would write my friend carol letters that were more like mini novels!
i would write in great detail about the fresh fish i ate for lunch, 
the cacophony of the market,
the sweet perfume of flowers growing by the roadside,
the rich color of soil,
the rank odor of diesel in foreign cities,
the beautiful people i had met, 
the cultural differences that i could easily embrace,
and interlaced between all the things i was seeing was also how i was feeling
 BUT i would neglect to tell her
where i was!!


i am a 'now person'
i am always living in macro
close up
i am not a detail person by any stretch of the imagination
that is Bob's job!

so here is the house
our jungle abode
that we have been renting for the past couple of years
it is a sweet little place with a large main room,
which is perfect for hosting parties and gatherings,
two bedrooms off in the wings, 
two bathrooms
(room for visitors.. hint hint!)
and a gorgeous roomy deck that has a spectular view 
of the sea that sweeps out before us in colors of blues and turquoise!!

the property is 2 1/2 acres so we are blessed with a 
myriad of fruit trees, shrubs, palms and flowers
we are situated on a hill looking down on the beach
every morning i faithfully rise, stand on the deck,
breathe very deep and thank Him
for this dream come true!
we are blessed to live in paradise
and dwell amongst people
who in our standards are the poorest of the poor
but are truly rich, and blessed, and authentically happy!

i couldn't resist ...
this is a close up of a plumeria that brandi
gave me
if you look in the house photo you will see
a little white container
(it is right above the "o" in our jungle abode)
that is what the plumeria is growing in
i need to find a permanent home in the garden 

and yes the fragrance is delicious!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7, 2010

a moments rest

when i saw this dragonfly sitting on one of my cuttings in the garden
i almost died
you know when you get so excited it seems you aren't able to move
like when a car is coming quickly towards you and
you are like a deer in the headlights 
(or maybe it is just me)

well i have wanted a dragonfly photo for a long time
but i just don't see them here on the island
so i was trying to be quiet
(when inside i am jumping up and down)
i wanted to get a photo of it from the front but i knew if i walked
one step closer he'd fly
i am glad i got this shot because the moment 
i took a step to walk around towards him he flew away

a moments rest
but enough for me

i hope you have a moments rest today.
a quiet spot to stop and be refueled.