Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24, 2010

got miracle gro???

i shot this from the ground to show perspective
but still you can't get the sense of how
the plants, vines, trees, and shrubs are
at the 
Carambola Gardens!

i love to go there.
it is my happy place
so much green
and glorious tropical flowers!
alot of the leaves on the plants
are longer then i am!
how mind blowing is that?!?

we went late in the afternoon because it was
soooo hot here.
i thought:  shade and possible breeze.
it was still hot
but emily and i got lots of photos.
i took a photo of a spider web that
was so cool
but blurry.

oh well
as emily said,
it would have been perfect if it wasn't blurry!!
i love her attitude.

but it's really cool
never saw a circle web before!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 2010

blessed shade

it's been crazy hot here the past few days.
no breeze
stifling hot

jeanette and i walked toward's anthony's key this morning 
and by 8:00 am i was sweating, 
(can't speak for jeanette)
yes it's true... sweating!!!
we went that way
because there is shade
blessed shade
blessed shade
blessed shade

simple joys
like shade

April 22, 2010

 gringo fashion

okay here is the deal.
my daughter emily took this photo about a month ago
these mannequins are in Plaza Mar,
our local grocery store.
they are sitting so pretty at the back
by the cleaning supplies.

so today while shopping i had to 'steal' this moment
i am being shameless in not only stealing her idea
but also sharing her caption for the photo!
she is the best caption writer in the world.
it could be her job ...
she is so witty.

now i have built it up so much i hope this isn't

the caption

Dear Gringos, this is how you should dress. 
Love, Plaza Mar.


i am going to go buy my 
honduran hat,
and studded jeans!
now if i could purchase a perfect
mannequin body then my day would be complete!!

keep smiling.!

here is emily's photo
i like that she got such a sweet side shot of
miss gringo's lovely jawline.
how do you spell fashion?!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010


green groundcover
is wonderful
but yellow
my goodness
yellow is sheer delight.
these flowers are really tiny.
sometimes i pick a tiny bouquet
for the counter in the kitchen

they make me happy.

my neck and back are doing a bit better
after a trip to the osteopath this morning
quite tender 
but not as bad as earlier.

being on the computer really irritates it 
so bear with me
until i heal up again.

April 20,2010

day of recovery

i have had some severe elbow and back pain lately
probably from sitting at the computer inproperly.
either way,
i finally went to see a chiropracter today.

wish i could say i feel alot better
i don't.
so i laid in my bed with an icepack,
a good book
and this lovely view from our bedroom window.

i heard that there is a oesteopath here on the island
from the states so tomorrow i am going to go 
see her.
hopefully she can help loosen those muscles in my neck and
back that feel like plywood at this point.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19, 2010


the sunset tip of the day:
stick around
it gets better

i think most people leave the beach too soon.
they see the sun drop into the horizon and walk away
stick around...
the light show is only beginning.
just as dusk is kissing the day completely goodbye
is the best time to take a photo.
sorry this is a bit grainy
it is the best
i could do with the camera i have.

as they say here:
Gloria a Dios!
remarkably beautiful

April 18, 2010

a road to emerald beach

sunday afternoon
travelling down this road to meet up
with chris and the gang at his boat

snorkeled at infinity bay
high waves
lots of being tossed about
a couple of times i almost collided with coral
(which is a big no no!)
the  water was a bit murky
but still refreshing to be out and about
enjoying the beauty under the sea.

saw a scorpion fish 
which is pretty rare.

a lovely afternoon 
that started with a road to emerald beach