Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11, 2010

one caballero

i have wanted a photo of one of these cowboys for a long time
they intrigue me with their weathered faces, worn clothing, lean bodies,
and strong characters

this afternoon, bob, laura and i went into coxen hole
to see a christmas parade and the lighting of the tree
why we went at 3:00 (the start time) is a mystery to me!!
i should know better then nothing starts on time here.
we never did see the parade of a local marching band 
it was supposed to be on the back of a flat truck
but apparently someone needed the truck.
not sure why they didn't just walk.  *s*

either way i think it started close to 5:00 pm
so that meant we had a lot of time for waiting around
when i saw this guy walking down the street i was thrilled
i loved the way he walked along like he 'owned' the side walk
carrying that heavy load on his back like it was nothing,
and swinging his machete like a warrior instead of a worker
there are times when you just can't be shy.
this was one of those times. 
i pointed my camera right at him and shot!
good thing he didn't shoot back!!  :-)

it was a wonderful event at the port of roatan
we enjoyed seeing the big tree, the happy children

getting candy and meeting my first black santa claus

santa!  don't be shy!  :-)
this little blue stick was a lollipop he stuck in his mouth just before i took the photo
i had asked him if i could take his photo and i thought for sure that he would pose with the kids 
but nope.  
 bob ho ho ho-ing with mrs. claus!

my favorite part:
singing the song 'amen' by harry balefonte
with the steel drums accompanying us!

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