Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sept. 25, 2010

all he left behind

tropical storm matthew
was scheduled to come right over roatan at one point
but it veered over the mainland instead

we got some rain in the night
not even alot of wind
i got up this morning 
the air was still
the sea wasn't even turned up like the usual storms

i am grateful it wasn't too bad
but i must say that i wished we had more rain
many people on the island don't have water in their cisterns 
right now
so a good downpour would have been helpful

last night they put a curfew out saying no driving at all today
in case of heavy rains
but that has been lifted

so everything here is back to normal
the sun is shining
the sea is calm

another beautiful day on the island

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sept. 24, 2010

flowers bay

we are expecting a visit from matthew,
a tropical storm
sometime tomorrow

it was supposed to go right over roatan
but now it looks like it has veered off towards the mainland

i took this while out walking with brandi 
along flowers bay
you can say the bank of rain clouds in the distance.
rain... oh glorious rain!
please come

we have gas for the car, lots of water, stocked up on food,
bob is fixing some drainage pipes,
carlos cleared off the leaves and fallen branches from the roof

we are ready
bring it on!!

i love a good storm
but i think as i just checked the hurricane centre 
that it will be about 3 days of bad weather.

i welcome the coolness though.

i hope wherever you are that you are safe, sound and happy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sept. 23, 2010

behind the scenes

not pretty huh?
this is the garbage dump on mud hole road
the word is they are planning on paving that road
and thinking of shipping all that garbage to the mainland
both would be great!

i hope they actually do this because it is quite an eyesore!
not to mention the smell.

but on the flip side
there are people living off this dump
they sort through it and take out all the recycleables.

you can read an article about that if you want from the 
'bay islands voice'
our local magazine.

you can't tell from the angle that i shot this photo
but in most places the garbage is as high as the wall.
this has kept the north shore from being developed 
because we stupid (oops) north americans don't like
driving by a dump to see God's beauty.
we can be so fickle at times.

so what were bob and i doing out there?
well we drove out to blue harbour lettuce farm to see
if they would have some space on their land to plant 
some moranga seeds.
it was a no to that request 
oh well
but on the flip side i am happy to say that we got a bag of lettuce 

the best lettuce ever!

hydroponically grown!
so delicious!

Sept. 22, 2010

taking a rest

there has been a butterfly invasion
it's been about 4 days now where we will see 100's of them
flying around
they seem to fly primarily along the beach

this guy was resting in our yard 
i wish i could have got a better photo
but he was in a tall tree and this is the best i could do

as you can see his right wing tip has been broken off
i think they have migrated here from up north
that is a long trip and alot of flying

poor little fella
i'd need a  rest too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept. 21, 2010

hello again

at the beginning of september i had a wonderful visit 
with this young man in the shop

we had such a good time talking together
i was impressed with his charm, wit and compassion
it was a joy to see him again
i admit though i didn't remember him at first
(i know, tsk tsk.. must be my age!)

but once he started to speak i remembered him well
i blogged about him in my other blog
you can read it if you like
i confess that it is a long blog
 because i wrote out his story and anyone
who loves stories knows that the long ones are the best!

speaking of tea i would love some tea
but it is TOO hot to even think about tea
yes i know
the chill is coming in the air where you are but here:
OY!  this is our hottest month
i have a fan blowing warm air on me
and the sea is even warm these days
so a swim isn't the most refreshing thing
plus:  the warm, calm seas bring with them jellyfish!

so i am staying on shore
for now

okay enough complaining!
it is what we canadians do:  complain about the weather

sorry.. some habits die hard.

Sept. 20, 2010

the roatan road

we have one main road that circles around the island
this is it folks!
no twinning,
or 4 lane highways here

just a single lane road,
no lines
to indicate passing or not
(apparently some gringo painted lines on the road 
a few years ago but none of the local adhered
to it so they are slowly wearing off)

very few signs on the side of the road
maybe a couple of speed signs but you really can 't go 
too fast because it is quite curvy and hilly.
although people do drive fast
and in fact many people here don't like to walk on the road
but hey...
gotta live dangerously and look at how beautiful it is!

beautiful green

this was taken by lawson rock
i walked there with brandi for exercise

i put moto the dog on the leash and he came along
for an island dog who is used to roaming free
i'd say he did extremely well with the leash.

it was a beautiful morning for a walk
down our roatan road...

bob and i saw this van later in the day while
we were out running errands 
(like trying to get our internet fixed...key word.. trying!)
loosely translated it says:
"special holy transportation
the blessing of God"

i want to drive around in THAT van! 
have a great day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept. 19, 2010

the last time

every sunday afternoon a bunch of us 
meet at infinity bay
for a beach day/snorkel/catch up time

this is susan in the photo
she is leaving to go back to canada on saturday
she has been here teaching and larry her husband
has been helpful in building the birthing centre for clinic esparanza

they will be back after christmas
infinity bay won't be the same without you susan

safe journeys
rich blessings
we will hold a seat for you by the sea!

come back soon!

Sept. 18, 2010

just peachy

we have had internet problems for the past 4 days
and today, finally they have been resolved!!


yesterday we went to the tigo store 5 times
their system was 'down' so they couldn't fix it or give
us minutes for our tigo stick.

i am grateful that the place had a/c because it has been 
soooooooo  HOT!

september is our hottest month here
we have agreed to a 'no company' rule for the month of september
so we can run around here in our underwear!

yes i know.. tmi
tooooo much information!!