Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, 2010

we are getting some weather.
i know, i know.
it isn't white,
it doesn't need to be shovelled
but we are getting some history making weather.
tonight it is supposed to be record breaking cold here.
with the high winds the temps will go down to 40F

okay now, before you groan, consider this:
for the tropics that is COLD!
the winds have begun coming in from the north.
i took that photo on the south side of the house since the winds
were already to fierce to get any type of decent photo.

here is my concern:
we have really poor poor poor people here who live up in the colonia 
and i am concerned for them.
they live up in the hills,
most with no electricity,
in little paper thin houses.
very little warm clothing
often no blankets.
not only will it be cold
if the rain continues then it could mean serious  mud slides.

i pray for their safety.
who needs your prayers today?

Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010

this is where I have my coffee and breakfast
most days.
i go out with coffee in hand and greet the precious little hummingbirds
i enjoy
the breeze
the view
the peace
and His Word.
today i read
Isaiah 65:24
"before they call I will answer,
while they are still speaking I will hear"

then why pray?
because He loves the sound of our voice
He loves the sound of your voice!
and He loves to answer!

He always answers:
yes, no, or wait.

Help me to keep praying and to anticipate Your answers 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7, 2010

meet Jorge!
actually I don't know if that is his name
but this was his fruit stand anyways!
I went with Melissa today to the Mercado (market)
in Coxen Hole.

this is a very common sight in Roatan.
little fruit/veggie stands everywhere.
some people also sell out of the back of their truck
at first i didn't really want to buy from these vendors
but truthfully their produce is fresher then what is in
the grocery store most times.
i almost bought some pineapple but lately they
have been sour.
i guess there isn't enough sun to make them sweet.
a pineapple only costs about  1.50.. isn't that wonderful, but
not when it is sour!

so  i bought avocados to make guacamole
since Bob and I have been invited to a friends
birthday party today.

in fact i better go and make that!!

have a great day.
don't forget to eat your fruits and veggies!! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

january 6, 2010

journals have been a part of my life since i was 16 years old.
i love to write.
i am not a legalist in regards to writing everyday.
i love to write about what i am learning, struggling with, what the kids did, and
new insights.

when our son david was 8 years old he told me
i should keep a spiritual journal.
for that young age he was very wise in what he said.
'out of the mouths of babes!'
he told me to write the date, a  passage from the bible,
what it meant to me today,
and a prayer to God.

i have been doing that for about 14 years now.
i am sad to say that we got broken into a few days ago
they didn't take anything but some food and my 70% dark chocolate bar from the fridge
(i think my coming home scared them away)

 yesterday i noticed that some of my journals were missing!!
they were by the window and i guess they just grabbed
them on the way out.

i was heartbroken at first.
i stood there staggering around realizing that large chunks of our history was gone.
i am  sad because for years my husband has wanted me to take excerpts out
and write a devotional book.
i procrastinated.
that is a hard lesson!
now i will not be able to retrieve those years due to it.

i have to believe that although it is a great loss for me.
it may be a great gain for whoever reads them.

i have to believe that God will use it in their lives.
i have to believe...
i choose to believe even when it's hard...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

january 5, 2010

today this beautiful couple came into the Made in Roatan shop.
they were on a cruise ship... on their honeymoon!
we visited for quite some time together. 
they were very interested in our life here
we were able to share how we long to help the islanders 
and how this shop employs over
8 different families.
cali bought the necklace she is wearing and
josiah bought a book of home remedies that we had published by our island friend.

as they were leaving i said, so are you going to go on a tour of the island?
they were honest and said, that they couldn't afford it.
just then Marco, our friend walked in and I knew what i needed to do.

i said,
So would you like to see the island?
i will take you around the island for free.
My wedding gift to you.

we had a blast!
we visited an island lady who is over 72 years old and grows the most
amazing tropical flowers.
josiah is interested in tropicals plants so she gave him some seeds to take back
she also gave me a TON of seeds and a bag of WARM cookies for us to enjoy

i took them to west bay where they swam amongst the fish.
and enjoyed a nice walk on the beach
cali is a photographer too so we took alot of pictures!
they came back to the house and met bob.

it was wonderful to meet them

it is more blessed to give then to receive.

I know:  I am totally blessed right now!! 

january 4, 2010

it is the rainy season
 i love it
its cooler.
i know alot come for vacation to soak up the sun
i have done that and loved it
but living in tropics and having sun for at
least 8 months of the year
and two months being extremely HOT is challenging
imagine the fan blowing warm air,
and sweating profusely all day long
and getting heat rashes.

so the rainy season??
we love it!

the garden is growing.
the boy next door gave this plant.
how sweet.
it is common knowledge that i love flowers
so many people bring me plants
i love how giving the people are here.

do you have something you could give to your neighbor?
a plant?
a kind word?

january 3, 2010

this is the view from our deck.
we are renting this place up on a hill by the sea
it has a dream for years to live in the tropics.

don't give up on your dreams.
also living out your dreams has sacrifice involved
like leaving those you love behind
adapting to another culture
learning a new language

but through it all
showing love is the most important part
 no matter where we live:
whether in the tropics, or in the praires, or in the urban cityscape,
or the maritimes or on top of a mountain!

Let no debt remain outstanding except the continuing debt to love one another for he who has
loved his fellowman has fulfilled the law.
Romans 13:8

january 2, 2010

can you imagine getting your car washed, inside and out, for only 5 dollars.
well that is the deal at the sandy bay car wash.
gotta love it.
  our friends are arriving back on the island today after being gone for 6 months so i brought their car here to get washed. 
the other day while driving it there was a crazy lizard sitting the steering wheel. 
i tried to catch it but couldn't!
  since then there has been a very strong smell in the vehicle.
so  i told the guys and they found it: dead and stinky.
   such is life in the tropics.

i took this picture because it is typical of island life:
wooden house, shuttered windows with no screens,
unpaved roads (the main road is paved!),
and a mother and child sitting happily on the back step hoping for a breeze.

life is pretty simple here.
i like that.

january 1st, 2010

my husband and i have been living on roatan (an island off honduras)
for the past year.
it was a big decision but one we haven't regretted one bit.

this christmas we stayed here.
minus the grown up kids was hard.
minus the hustle and bustle and cold wasn't hard.

i love having my poinsetta outside on the front porch
i walk by it and sigh...
i am going to plant it in the garden.
i love gardening.

i am thankful for being able to have a
 beautiful gorgeous red plant
 on my front porch in January.
it reminds me of the cost He paid for me to be free.
thank You