Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 30, 2010

my page turner

i was laying on my bed 'trying' to read my book
(yes i am being a good girl and resting my achilles tendon!)
i thought it would be nice to have buddy with me
but he had other plans:
being a royal pest!

let's see ... what did he do?
he would climb on my head,
sit on my lip,
crawl on my hand and kept chewing the pages of my book
ran up and down my tummy chirping loudly
you guessed it:
i put him back in his cage!

do you think it is possible to teach a bird no?
i hope so!
he normally is good company but not when i want to read!!

no means no buddy!!!!!

i took a wee walk around my garden this morning
such a lovely day
not hot but still sunny
everything is growing so beautifully!

Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010

yes you are!

they say that every person needs to know two things:
am i loved?
am i significant?

well tonight i will say it to you
yes you are..
you are loved

without question
in the dark times
in a circle of friends
when you are alone
He knows your name
you are loved
yes you are
zeph. 3:17


Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 28, 2010

eye candy

isn't this lovely
i saw it this morning standing so straight and tall and beautiful
i waited til this afternoon so the light would be just right.

to me,
the background (light)
is as important as the subject
i was trying to explain that to carlos, our spanish gardener.
i wish you could have been a fly on the wall for that conversation
i don't know how to say words like:
focus, subject, bokeh
in spanish
so i gave up and weakly smiled and said,
que bonita si?
that's pretty yes?

that's pretty yes!!
i call this eye candy
something sweet for our eyes

hope your thursday has been a sweet one
i was so happy to spend the afternoon with laura and sebastian
went for a drive
then came back here for lunch

we had one scare though!
she had brought lola her Chihuahua with her
and as we were gathered up sebastian, bags etc
suddenly, moto, our crazy island dog came barging in the house
(which he never does!!)
with full intention to rip lola to pieces
i was so scared that i lunged to grab moto, 
and stepped on sebastians hand!!
laura grabs lola who was quivering madly in her arms
sebastian is crying!

total mayhem and chaos!
we were all shaken up
such is life when you own a guard dog

that is why it was so nice to go for a quiet stroll through the garden
after they left!

October 27, 2010

my soul is free

look at that view!
i guess if you have to put your feet up this is a great place to do it!
i moved my chair out on the deck 
beckoned sweetly by the breezes
and the azure blues of the sea

i am happy to report that my achilles tendon seems
to be getting better
i don't have a sharp execruiating pain shooting up my calf anymore
that is good right?
but my heels are still numb and they throb 
so i am trying to be 'off them'
even my computer time is limited
because even the pressure of sitting with my feet on the floor is irritating
oh well
one thing i have been doing more is praying
i can do that
so i guess that would be the upside of all of this

yesterday brandi brought her friend over to help me clean the house
bless her heart!
her name is blanca 
how beautiful is that?!
she is a quiet, gentle hearted woman
who is just trying to make the ends meet
she normally works at a hotel in west end 
but times are slow on the island so she is laid off

well she knows how to clean i tell you that!
i have uploaded some spanish worship music for carlos so i put 
that on for her.
oh my!  i am growing to love spanish music more and more!!
it really blesses me!
we listened to marco witt all day long!!   
can anyone tell me why it makes me cry?
it does!
perhaps it is just the beauty of the language but i think it is 
the intensity and the emotion of which they live and sing about the Lord

either way
i had a good day 
watching blanca work, laying around, listening to music
bob went to the 'made in roatan' shop
*sniff* i wish i could have gone
it was a slow day there
 in the evening we met with brandi and yourgin for the evening.
that too was a blessing.

all in all
i may not be running around hither and yon
(whatever that means)
but my soul is free
and you can't beat that!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26, 2010

i think i can

buddy, my budgie is getting so tame
i found him trying to get water out of my glass
fortunately i had my camera nearby.

since my tendon injury i have my chair set up
with my phone, water, books, camera, tv remote
everything handy so i don't need to get up

buddy is truly the best bird ever!
picking a budgie is no easy feat
because you can't tell if they will be a good bird or a dud
i have had 4 budgies:  2 were good, 2 were horrific!

but buddy is right up there in the 'best bird' category!
he is so friendly and his one claim to fame is this:
he doesn't bite

that is remarkable!
as birds typically like to bite,
but he hasn't bite a soul
and because he is friendly and tame 
many people have held him
sometimes he makes a little 'clucking' sound
as if to say...hey you, leave me alone!!!
but bite?  nope.

the night of the hurricane we lost power, he was nervous so i kept him close by me

the other thing is that he LOVES human food
yeah he is a little spoiled
because i basically chew up my dinner and put it on my hand
and he gobbles it up
if i try to ignore him he flies over, waddles across my shoulder
and tries to take the food out of my mouth.
i know, i know.. i have created a monster!!!
his favorite food?
i'd say lettuce
but he will eat pretty much anything.
except guacamole because it is toxic for birds and he could die 
so, of course, i keep that far from him

he is starting to talk
he can say pretty bird, hey buddy, and once he said 
how ya doin'?

he loves to have showers instead of baths
i just run the water in the kitchen sink 
and say, hey buddy you wanna have a shower?
and he fluffs up

so now when i say that he responds with a fluffing and 
then i put him on my open hand and he runs back and forth
under the water stretching out his wings
it is adorable!

so mr. buddy,
thanks for being such good company
and yes
i gave him a drink of my water.. he likes it cold!!


here he is trying to figure out how to get the water from my glass

Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

storm? what storm?

we woke up to beautiful clear blue skies,
a calm turquoise sea
and temperatures in the low 80's

that is one of the good things about the tropics
the storms come in with all their fury and next day
it is back to business in beautiful-ness!

it was a perfect day for a snorkel
bob went with ron as i am still not able to snorkel 
due to this achilles tendon problem
but i don't mind
i could see the sea from my chair
and i read, dozed, played with buddy
and spent some beautiful time being quiet in prayer

i am a no nonsense, high energy girl
i enjoy being active, visiting people, helping out where i can
but when i need to stop i can stop.
it isn't easy but i don't fight it (much!)
my goal:  heal up!!!

so bob said hi to the sea turtle for me 
and told me that the fishies weren't out in mass
i think maybe they might still be in hiding due to the storm

 a note from my garden:
this is a ginger flower that is sprouting babies!
how cool is that?!

now we will have over 6 little  ginger plants to start.
i am excited because tomorrow
nabisha is coming over to look at my garden
she is a landscaper on the island
and i am excited to have her input!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24, 2010

after the storm

well hurricane richard has come and gone
we are thankful that there wasn't more damage
on our property we lost a number of banana trees, and a papaya tree
the place was littered with branches and leaves

it could have been alot worse
basically rain and wind
and we lost our power in the night
it was off for about 18 hours
so we did alot of reading, sleeping, playing games
once the rain stopped 
we went for a drive and saw alot of power poles broken and lines down
trees cracked in two
evidence of some flooding in the flowers bay area
apparently the people of oakridge got hit hard

i am thankful to reco, our electric company for working hard to get 
the power restored so soon

i haven't heard how people made out in the colonia
i will find out tomorrow when carlos comes to work

it is now at belize with winds up to 90 mph
many people have been evacuated
i am praying for their safety and that the storm passes quickly.