Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30, 2010

my better half

i asked my friends what my last photos should be
and one said a nude photo but most opted
for a photo of bob and i

needless to say
i opted to forgo the nude shot,
aren't you glad??!

so here is bob and i
the man who dwells by my side
through it all
through the storms of life and through the joys
to the one person who still makes me burst out laughing
and know how to calm my silly fears
who never complains about my cooking ever
and who still holds my hand and my heart

my better half
my friend


  1. You are MORE than kind honey! I love my life with you and my great God!

  2. you two are just too cute!! I love you from afar; your journey has brought both tears to my eyes and much joy to my spirit! Congrats Debi on this amazing journey and the perfect 365 day journey - the photos really do say it all! Happy New Year to you and Bob - I hope to see you in 2011