Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10, 2010

take two

after much thought, 
and even some tears 
i decided that mangito, the lovebird
wasn't a good match for me or i for him.
he just wasn't happy.
he would screech and squawk all day long
and once he tried to escape his cage 
and flew into a window
then smashed into a wall
and then smashed into another wall
this was after his wings were clipped.
i felt he needed a mate.
some birds just refuse to bond with a human.
such is the case with mangito.

when i ordered the bird i had asked 
for a lorikeet which is an australian parakeet
the store owner couldn't get them in so i 
got the lovebird instead.
but i was uncertain for the beginning
so when i brought him back 
rick wasn't surprised.

so i got a little sweet parakeet instead.
no name yet.
that will come.
but i was pleased that after one day he was
willing to eat out of my hand.
i think he will be more tameable.

any name ideas?

April 9, 2010

worth celebrating

a birthday
our friend from missouri 
who lives in roatan half the year

we met don and his wife jeanette shortly
after we arrived here.
over the years we have become dear friends
don is recently retired as an engineer who 
worked for Boing.
he is one of those wonderful
centre brain type of people
can be very left brain
and chat about physics, be very analytical,
methodical and precise
but then again he can also be very humorous
unpredictably funny
wonderfully caring,
showing compassion by helping build homes
here on the island.

we have gone on many adventures together:
exploring the back roads of coxen hole where
no gringo would go 
(yes on purpose)
snorkeling the deep blue waters of  pigeon key,
climbing the mountain hike up carambola gardens,
braved the air show at infinity bay 
(those honduran pilots are crazy and fly lower then
you'd think possible!)
we have enjoyed many sunsets 
and many meals together

we have played many card games together
don has the patience of 10 men when it comes to teaching
he has been teaching us to play 500.
in fact he is writing a computer program for the games which 
has required hours and hours and hours 
to binary language to do!

speaking of that,
our daughter emily made him a birthday cake
that says 
Happy Binary 
and then wrote  Don's name 
in binary.
too cute.

So worth celebrating?
without a doubt!!
so I rise my glass to you
Don boy 
(which i think I am the only one who
affectionately calls him that)

Blessings 10 fold!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

sunlight deep in the sea

today our friend chris took us to 
palmetto bay to see the coral garden.
it was amazing.
words can not express the beauty.

yes that is the color of the sea.
shallow sea is that beautiful robin egg color.
the waves were a bit rough as we swam through the garden
and everything was flowing and moving.
even the little fishies were being moved back and forth
with the current
all i could do was relax and allow the surf to gently toss
me back and forth.

the colors!!
deep rust,
mustard yellow,
soft greens,
deep purple,
aqua blues...
all so amazing!!

I am amazed at the beauty He creates even in places
where most people don't go.
Look around your world.
What are you most grateful for?

April 7, 2010

hand carved

yesterday i went to volunteer at the
 Made in Roatan shop
i went to say hi to Samuel,
the man who sells things next to us

i saw this dolphin
and fell in love.
he told me an islander from sandy bay made it
how much?
10 bucks.
i didn't dicker.

i ran to the shop and gave him
200 Limpera which is equivalent to 10 dollars

i sat it proudly on the counter
later a lady came in and wanted to buy it
so i told her to go next door
 and get the last one.

she did.
for 10 dollars.
i love that about samuel.
he is a fair man.
he could have made alot more money
on the tourist but he didn't.
he will be blessed for his kindness
i am sure.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 6, 2010

camera less

today i went out as usual for a walk to take photos
i saw a beautiful butterfly on a flower and focused,
set my light meter and snapped
i was shocked to see a complete white screen.

my light meter is broken.
this is the 2nd camera in the last month that has broken
i tried again
i tried it on auto,

to no avail
i went through my day looking relatively normal
but inside i was heartbroken
i kept seeing photos i'd like to take but to no avail
my heart would go numb just thinking about it
there isn't any place on the island that can fix camera's

it is like i have been put on a planet without oxygen
i can't seem to function properly.
it sounds melodramatic but it's true.

my daughter has offered to let me use her camera
my dear friend laura told me to come by for her pentax

i am nervous to use anyone's camera since i seem to be
bent on breaking them lately.
is it a coincidence?
or is there some lesson for me to learn?
i am not sure.
i do understand that tropics are hard on cameras
with all the humidity, moisture and sea salt

so how did i take this photo?
i set the shutter speed as high as it would go,
and the f stop at 8
i couldn't even see the flower in the photo
but i got this.

this is sooc.
it's kinda cool
but i don't want all my photos to be like this.

i don't really have the money to buy another one
right now
so i am hobbling along take 'arty photos'
with my broken camera.

i keep thinking
what does it matter really?
i could just stop the 365 
life goes on without a camera
and yet
it is more then just taking a photo
photography defines me
i seem to see the world through a lens
so i will not stop.
i will not.
i will somehow carry on.
taking them somehow
and posting them when i can.

when i look at the struggles that many of my honduran
neighbors face:
no job, no food, no money for medical emergencies
i think this is a small problem in comparison.

i thank God for the ability to see it for what it is
i am trusting Him to continue to bless me with 
the ability to see
the beauty He makes and to capture it for the glory of His name.

Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

mangito by the sea

i finally named my bird.
it took long enough

means little mango in spanish
 his colors are the same as a mango that is 
ripening up.

we are enjoying him sooo much
he is such a social bird
and he loves to be wherever we are.
he has a noisy time in the morning
 i am noticing that birds are coming here and calling him
and he answers.
that is fine except at 6:30 am!!!

so this morning i took him for a walk
out on the dock 
he loved it

 i also got his wings clipped 
i took him to the butterfly gardens since they have many birds there
and dylan was kind enough to clip them for me
i have clipped my birds wings before but 
i didn't want to clip his because it can be traumatic
and i didn't want to be associated with scaring him
i know you may think that is cruel to clip but if i am
ever going to tame him then he needs to be clipped
in order for that to happen

he is such a sweet little fella.
my mangito
 you look so darling out by the sea!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4, 2010

happy easter morning

for as long as i can remember bob has gotten up early
on easter morning
to watch the sunrise and to celebrate
the resurrection of our Lord.

 he sometimes goes alone,
or with our family
or with the whole church
or during a snow storm once (in the car)
sunrises services here are lovely

it is a beautiful way to celebrate the day
i would say our most memorable one was in africa back in 1983
and as well a sunrise over the hills in Penticton BC

my heart swells to think of what it must have been
like to be Mary who went to the tomb and found it empty.

 He is risen
He is risen indeed.

Happy Easter

April 3, 2010

billows of bokeh

bokeh makes me happy
i used to have a bit problem
because i was looking for bokeh
more then the actual photo.
i think i am out of the bokeh obsession now,
but then everynow now and then i see billows of bokeh and i sigh...
that bokeh is light on the sea
we are staying at seadancer for the week
because the owners are visiting at the other place we rent
it isn't a hardship
anywhere on the island is a wonderful place i think

i still am computer less.
we have friends coming on tuesday
i asked them to bring me a power cord.
oh my, i hope they do.
it is a small thing to have to borrow bob's computer
but i miss mine.
i do.

April 2, 2010

flora de mango

they will be here
and lots of them!
we have 4 trees on the property.

i wish i liked them.
i confess that i don't like them
they are stringy.
i am hoping i will develop a taste for them.