Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11, 2010

one caballero

i have wanted a photo of one of these cowboys for a long time
they intrigue me with their weathered faces, worn clothing, lean bodies,
and strong characters

this afternoon, bob, laura and i went into coxen hole
to see a christmas parade and the lighting of the tree
why we went at 3:00 (the start time) is a mystery to me!!
i should know better then nothing starts on time here.
we never did see the parade of a local marching band 
it was supposed to be on the back of a flat truck
but apparently someone needed the truck.
not sure why they didn't just walk.  *s*

either way i think it started close to 5:00 pm
so that meant we had a lot of time for waiting around
when i saw this guy walking down the street i was thrilled
i loved the way he walked along like he 'owned' the side walk
carrying that heavy load on his back like it was nothing,
and swinging his machete like a warrior instead of a worker
there are times when you just can't be shy.
this was one of those times. 
i pointed my camera right at him and shot!
good thing he didn't shoot back!!  :-)

it was a wonderful event at the port of roatan
we enjoyed seeing the big tree, the happy children

getting candy and meeting my first black santa claus

santa!  don't be shy!  :-)
this little blue stick was a lollipop he stuck in his mouth just before i took the photo
i had asked him if i could take his photo and i thought for sure that he would pose with the kids 
but nope.  
 bob ho ho ho-ing with mrs. claus!

my favorite part:
singing the song 'amen' by harry balefonte
with the steel drums accompanying us!

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

my caladium was strewn with water jewels 
i enjoyed her beauty as i slowly made my way
through my garden this morning
how do i know that is a girl plant??!
come on can you imagine a guy dressing up like that!!  

i love the rain!
i remember in canada hating the rain!
i didn't like the cold, the dampness or the discomfort of getting wet
but here i enjoy being out in the rain
it is warmer for one thing
but for another it is as if my soul has been longing 
for liquid for a good long time
after months and months and months of dry season
i welcome the life that the rain brings

today i wrapped a few  presents to send home and made christmas cards
i am finding that christmas isn't commercial,
it isn't about the malls, the decorations, and the shopping, 
and more about sharing times together.
 most people here
can't afford to buy presents but they usually cook a simple meal
did you know the spanish like to eat sandwiches on Christmas Day?!
a simple meal with family? (at christmas!?)
these 3rd world countries are pretty darn smart!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9, 2010

how much is that cruise ship in the window?!

who knew that a cruise ship could fit into a small window
small miracles abound!!

bob took me to a place on the 2nd floor of plaza mar for lunch
and as i was enjoying the view of the ship
i saw this reflection in the window

some days are busy
some days are slow
and some days are just right
today was perfect
enough people to make it worthwhile but enough time
to talk to our friends nearby, go for a walk to buy a beautiful yellow flower plant
that i saw in yard nearby,
and go out for lunch with the one i love

a wonderful day!
i did a little bit of christmas shopping.. shhhh. don't tell the kids!
and when we got home the power went off which was
a beautiful excuse to do nothing but lay on the couch and take a wee nap!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8, 2010

jungle art

tonight was the art show at the oasis restaurant
there were about 8 different artists there and it was a great time
we went representing the 'made in roatan' shop

i felt so bad for bob since he worked all day
and then at 3:00 went over to the oasis.. a very long day for him
i didn't go to the shop today since my feet were really swollen
and i didn't want to overdo it

isn't that painting in my photo beautiful??!
it wasn't for sale (unfortunately)
apparently someone brought it back from thailand
i just loved the contrast with the background colors and the painting!

bob and i selling local art

December 7, 2010

a sea of green

whenever i leave the island and then come back again
i am overwhelmed by how GREEN it is
this gives you a good idea of what i mean!

it is truly a tropical rainforest jungle island!  
i took this atop of the 360 restaurant.
what a great place to eat.
a tad bit pricey but good!

we left the made in roatan shop yesterday at lunch
to take a couple of tourists out for lunch
it was one of those 'miracle meetings'
bob's mom couldn't find her car in the mall in florida
she went inside to find security
and just so happened to talk  to a lady who works there
who happened to mention she is coming to roatan on a cruise
bob's mom told her about bob and i 
and happened to mention that we are looking for clothing and toy
donations for the kids for christmas
and the lady thought it was a great idea
she went to her church who just so happened to have a store
that had tons of toys and clothes to donate!

thanks sooo much sue and garry!
so they came yesterday with a 60 lb suitcase full of goodies for the kids
we are thrilled!

we have had an overwhelmingly great response to helping here on the island!
can't wait to give it out to the kids!!!

we just so happened to thank GOD~!


Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

sun shower

today as we were driving along the beach in sandy bay
(yes you read that right... certain local beaches are roads too!)
the sun burst through the clouds!
it was so beautiful
that even though it was pouring with rain i opened the window 
in the car to take this photo.

i have fallen in love with those palms
i walk by this way many times but i hadn't ever noticed
how magnificent they are!
i think i will have to go back at other times for more photos

we had such a wonderful time with friends
at dinner
i brought some grouper and they had chicken
we left the table satisfied and happy.

December 5, 2010

star of wonder

the afternoon brought soft sweet rain
it was chilly and grey
a perfect day to put up the tree
i was blessed to have two friends drop by
in the afternoon
i love having people in our home
it was beautiful to decorate the house
it looks so cozy and lovely.
i was blessed with the lighting of the 2nd advent
we focused on joseph doing what is right in a hard situation
i read this story
we skyped with emily during the lighting 
it was like she was right there

so blessed