Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31, 2010

a small miracle

okay so what makes this simple lighthouse photo
a miracle?
a sunny saturday at peggy's cove means loads and loads 
of tourists
it was amazing that i managed to get this shot without any people in it.
it pays to shoot low and have all the rocks in the way!!

see what i mean?  loads of tourists!

i managed to get one of matt and emily without any people in it
took a little bit of patience and a hearty smile and laugh to get everyone
to stop walking by for a few minutes!!
but it was worth it!

this is our favorite little 'ledge'
when the kids were small it was a precarious climb to this
but today it was a piece of cake
but we enjoy it because no one is ever there
it is quiet and the view of the sea is so lovely.

we really enjoyed ourselves
climbing and jumping on the rocks,
eating icecream
finding little sea side trails and shops
and of course taking lots of photos.

i took over a hundred today so thought
i would show you a few in the blog....

why not eh?
what is a trip to the sea without a rusty old chain, a lobster trap,
lichen covered bedrock
and a lovely sea breeze.

the best part?
i was a GIANT for the day!
isn't emily clever to take this photo?
must be in her genes.

Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010

fletcher lake

today we drove to Fall River to where our friend
dave was building a deck
just to say hi and see how it was going

i was so very tired today
i seem to still be on roatan because lately i am 
going to bed between 1:00 am and 2:30 am
so needless to say i wasn`t like the energizer bunny today

bob and dave worked on the deck together
and talked about chalk lines, angles to cut boards,
nailers, etc

i put my head down on the table and slept
sleep is so wonderful
just that little power nap helped me to make it 
through the rest of the afternoon
i have learned that living in the caribbean:
siestas make the world a better place for everyone...

we  picked up emily and matt and went
to amy and borden`s for dinner:
BBQ spareribs, hamburgers, new potatoes
and for dessert:
homemade icecream with blueberries, raspberries
and BBQ peaches
yes you read that right!
they were delicious!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

fog and rain

some people avoid the beach at this time
i am the opposite
i love the beach when it is like this

i have spent many many a time 
walking along wet rocks to the roar
of wind swept waves
lawrencetown beach
it suits me

don't get me wrong
the beach is nice on a sunny day
but when it is wild, and dark, and foggy
i am drawn there 

i remember once standing on the shore
being so overwhelmed by the power of the ocean waves
that i lifted my arms in praise to God
i quietly began to sing
and then through the fog i saw a stranger walking
towards me

what did i do?
i smiled
and kept praising.
a raging sea makes me realize how small
i am 
the fog makes me realize that i can't see without faith
the wind rattles me to the core

and i leave walking taller
and stronger
and wetter!

July 28, 2010

nova scotia thistle

whenever i see a thistle here i think about the brooch
the scottish wear on their kilts or the ladies on their sweaters

thistles are synonymous with nova scotia and scottish heritage
i remember the first time we came here back in 1995 i 
felt like i was home
it just felt right
now you might think that is because i am scottish
-- not so --
we have english and german in our background.
i am not sure why i resonate so well with the
culture here, the music, the food, the foggy days by the sea
where the wind would blow away all cobwebs and worries from 
my soul.
we had a golden retriever when we used to live here and i 
would take sandy frequently to the sea for a swim
and the roar from the sea smoothed stones rolling back and forth from shore to sea
would somehow
strangely sooth my soul.

bob and i used to frequent ceilidh's
either on a friday night in halifax
or drive to cape breton for a weekend of music and dancing
it was there that i learned to dance the scottish step dancing
and the iona and inverness style of square dancing.
 it would bless my heart with so much joy to do the gigs!
i was often mistaken for a gal from cape breton
and to me that is the greatest compliment anyone has ever given me

i bought bob a fiddle that once belonged to  an amazing cape breton fiddler
called dwayne cote
but it had a beautiful rich tone to it
dwayne cote
some toe tapping music

 everyday for years at around 5:30 in the evening
bob would practice his fiddle
at first it was a little hard on the ears but after awhile
 the dog and i would find ourselves dancing in the kitchen
i kid you not, whenever sandy heard celtic music she would jump
up and dance.
no lie.
great dog!

the people here are notably more friendly then canadians
in the middle or the west coast
if i were to settle in canada again i would 
find myself drawn to a smallish seatown spot
perhaps baddeck
where people still have time to 
sit for tea,
they make their living simply by fishing at the banks
and find themselves dancing wildly when the fiddle
is 'close to the floor.'
what does that mean you ask?
well there is a certain note that is so deep, like a drone,
that it resonates to the very core and causes one 
to jump up and start to dance without any reservation
or thought.

i want to live close to the floor more often....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010

storm overhead

today bob, emily and i took the ferry over to halifax
to have lunch on the waterfront

i love the ferry!
it is a cheap way to get out on the water.

 bob isn't as serious as he looks

today has been fair to partly cloudy.
i am still accustomed to tropical weather
and have been donning shoes, socks, jeans,
tshirt and a fleece

everyone else is wearing shorts or capris with sandals
i guess for them it is hot summer weather.

oh well
i welcome the cooler change

look at those clouds!
we didn't get rained on

 i did
aren't you proud of me??!


Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

bee yourself

i am finding the longer that i am in canada
the less canadian i feel
it's a little frustrating not only to me but i am sure to our friends

for one:
i don't like to plan
i like things to unfold
but people here are busy so planning is essential

for another:
i don't like to shop
i go into those huge big stores 
whether it is a grocery store or a department store
and i am overwhelmed
i end up buying nothing

i still like to walk by the sea though
that's good
i still like to sit beside a friend and chat the afternoon away
i still like to smile at strangers
although they don't smile back as much

bee yourself
that is a message to myself
and maybe you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010

nancy's windowsill

some people have a knack for arranging things
in a pleasing and colorful way

nancy is one of those people
i love to go to her house.
i could wander around for quite awhile
taking in glass bowls of sealife, colored glass bottles in shades
of turquoise, sea green or cobalt blue
stained glass sailboats on the large windows that face the sea

the colors are easy on the eye
soft green, varying shades of blue,
sand, and white colored wood furniture

we came here today after church and are going 
to be staying with our friends dave and nancy
for the duration of our time here.
they live in lawrencetown
by the sea

today it is so foggy you can't see the sea
but i believe it there.

yes i do.
i believe.

July 24, 2010


best friends forever
karen and marsha
i first met these two wonderful woman back in 1995
when we moved to dartmouth to help pastor a church

they are truly my dearest friends

we have weathered many changes and challenges,
walked our dogs (now no longer alive) along
sea swept paths,
made stamped cards together,
had many a meal together,
shared christmas',
and the wonder of His love together, 
worshiped together, 
cried together,
gone on trips together,
shopped together,
watched tv together,
agonized over our kids together,
prayed together,
solved the world's problems together

being with them 
i am a better person
love like gold has been mined in my heart for them
and no matter where i go or live 
they are often in my thoughts and prayers.

precious....friends... forever....