Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010

365 faces of Roatan
(click on photo to see large)
(click on it again to see it even larger... oh technology!)

i have been thinking for quite sometime what i would do for my final
photo of my 365 project
was it divine or absurd that i decided to take
365 photos in one day??!
yes you read that correctly!
 i took 365 photos for my last 365 photo

i think it was a bit divine and a bit crazy!!
what a HUGE job
but it was a perfect sunny day
i was really banking on having alot of tourists wandering around the
port since the made in roatan shop was open
BUT only a small columbian ship docked and it wasn't busy

so i wandered by the cruise ship docks,
throughout coxen hole,
through the 'swamp'
through the mercado
along the dusty roads and beach of west end
along the beach of west bay,
in front of petro sun gas station
and inside of pizza inn 
(it is pizza night, after all!)
then i went to plaza mar
and ended up taking a few more that i needed 
at los gemelas

you think taking 365 photos is difficult then try 
imagine explaining it to that many people and most of them 
i was grateful for bob's help because he would go up to 
people and simple say
una photo por favor?

at one point as i was driving down a tree lined road towards
emerald beach on my way to west bay
i was overcome with emotion as i thought
'oh how i love all these people'
i was blessed to engage with so many local faces
and dear hearts today
one thing i realized is that the spanish, in particular,
LOVE to get their photos taken!!
what fun!

so.. enjoy the faces of roatan
they are so beautiful and  precious to me!

will i do another 365 photo project next year?
um.. no
it's been quite the ride and wonderful adventure but 
i will take a year off
from daily photography

thanks so much for sticking with me throughout this year
i hope you have enjoyed seeing my tropical world

one and all