Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 27, 2010


how is that for a creative way to sell fruit and veggies?
so innovative!!

we saw this man peddling his wares 
down the flower's bay road
there are a few pulperias (small shops)
along that road but not too many so that is 
so clever to take the produce TO the people!
even has a weigh scale!

there is another guy who comes on his 'fruit bike'
regularly during cruise ship days
it is wonderful because by around 2:00 pm
we are hungry and nothing is better then some 
fresh fruit
on friday bob bought a plum and i bought a bag of the sweetest mandarins
and a banana

so smart!
why have a shop where you have to have pay rent and electricity
when you can peddle around and make money with no overhead?!
i wonder if he needs a license to sell?

later this morning as bob was coming out of the hardware store
a local island guy approached him asking if he wanted some fresh fish.
what a sales man!!
or maybe it is desperation...
but either way
we were happy to get fresh snapper and grouper for 3.50 a pound
(and that was fillets!)

guess what we are having for dinner!?!
can't wait!

Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26, 2010

look who made her appearance!

how many of you have been given plants from friends
only to have them not grow or bloom?
that happens to me alot
i try but for some reason they just don't 'take'
and it is discouraging

well back in october i went to see brandi's friend 
on the beach and she gave us LOTS of plants
and i am happy and thrilled to say that they all survived
mind you, this is our rainy season and everything is growing
at a ridiculous rate

this flower was given to me by emilia and
both carlos and i often go on 'flower patrol'
by that i mean we wander slowly through the garden 
looking for plants that have bloomed
well today carlos exclaimed
'oy, la flor es que bonita!!!'
(oh, the flower is beautiful!)

and i can't agree more.
so lovely isn't it?

this morning carlos and i did some serious work in the garden
the one bed is 'rather empty' so with bob and brandi's advise
we decided to fill it with some big plants
it meant alot of work for carlos, digging and lugging huge plants 
while i said, okay just turn it abit, maybe a bit more, over a bit...
until we got it 'just right'
but this is excellent for carlos to learn to plant and design a garden
it is a work in process
or as carlos says 'poco a poco' which means little by little

we put in the plant with the 3 spiky things, the tall red one beside it,
the little reddish green bush on the left and a huge hibiscus (which you can't see)

next step:   medium plants and small floral plants along the edge.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 25, 2010

the root of thankfulness

today is american thanksgiving
i believe that the only way we can be truly thankful
is to keep looking UP

if we look to others we could be disappointed or
worse disheartened that we don't have what they have
if we look to ourselves we could feel inadequate
if we look to family we could feel alone even during the holidays
but if we look up
we will realize He has taken care of us!
we have  everything we really need
and that is the essense of true thanksgiving for me

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.
2Peter 1:3

happy happy happy
thankful thankful thankful

dinner at the oasis with friends!
a great time and awesome food
i am stuffed!

November 24, 2010

para mi amor

last night the rchurch in west bay hosted a thanksgiving dinner
and this was the view from the top of Luna Beach

it isn't often that we get the yellows in the sky like that
and i really wanted to get a photo but
we were late
 since we were at the MADE IN ROATAN shop all day and didn't get home til 4:30

i knew we didn't have time to stop so
i was just taking random (bad) shots from the car of this sunset
you know the type?
with a truck in front,
trees filling the frame instead of the sunset

 but when we got to luna beach bob pulled over
(yes even though we were late)
and gave me that look as if to say
'get out honey and get a decent shot'

now that may seem like an average thing to do
but you have to understand bob
he is punctual!
he doesn't like being late,
but for me,
he stopped!
and i am so glad he did
it truly may be the best sunset photo i have
(and i have ALOT!)

a very sweet man i married!
so..this is for him, my love
para mi amor
i am soooo thankful for bob

we had such a wonderful time!
it was rather breathtaking to be sitting outside by the pool
with a waterfall and palm trees as a back drop!

key hole resort is a wonderful place to host a party!!!
happy thanksgiving to all my american friends!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23, 2010


yesterday i mentioned that bob cut out some bamboo for me
well it served as a circle to make the little shell wreath ornaments

one year
i decided to decorate our whole christmas tree with shell ornaments
and white lights
darn pretty if i do say so myself

so here i am again making shell ornaments
but this time to sell in the 'made in roatan' store
people have been asking for ornaments
so between kendy and i we have that covered

and now i have several locals who will be on the 
'lookout' for shells for me
i went out for a wee walk this morning but there wasn't much
i did see a beautiful one in the shallow but it was a live shell
and i would never take that.
can't do that!
so today the cruise ship was in so we went to the shop
my word it was s.l.o.w.
hardly even any people walking around
about an hour before we closed shop it got busy again
so that was good to have a bit of a rush

i feel so bad for the others who are selling nearby us
because many of them didn't sell a thing!
i don't know how they manage to live here 
when times are so tough
but the intriguing part is that they still smile
i hear them humming as they work in their little shops
they just take what comes and say
'well maybe tomorrow will be a better day'

it's a beautiful, simple way to live.

thought i would show you what the clouds looked like today
they were amazingly straight along the bottom
as if God came along with a scissors and gave them all a trim!


Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

rainbow dawn

what a way to start a new day!!
when i saw this from the window,
i ran, literally, to get my camera.
and i am glad i did because the rainbow didn't last long at all.


today was such a wonderful day!
bob and i ran errands together today
i love being out with him
because you just never know what will unfold
or who we will see

at the merchado today bob pointed out to this
man who wanders around coxen hole,
singing and playing his guitar for the tourists
i said.. oh my, i want a photo!
bob went and spoke with him
and not only did he let me take his picture 
but he sang a lovely song for us!

kendy came over later and made some more ornaments
tomorrow is a cruise ship day so we will be at the shop
and it will be good to be well stocked!

here is bob cutting the bamboo for the ornaments
he is such a great guy.
so helpful and supportive!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21, 2010

infinity bay

every sunday is snorkel day at infinity bay
we usually meet with friends, and visit together
enjoy a good snorkel
but i haven't gone snorkeling in about 2 months
(due to cold weather and my achilles tendon)

well this morning, for some reason, 
i thought... yes!  today i am going snorkeling!

bob was a sweetheart and he towed me around
that way i didn't need to kick and thus irritate my tendon

i tell you
it was beautiful!!
the sun was shining!
the fish were out in plenty!
we saw a scorpion fish (quite rare to see)
a huge trigger fish,
lots of yellow snapper,
angel fish,
parrot fish...
and too many others to mention!

and the coral was a glorious display
of orange, mustard yellow, purple and golds

it was fantastic!

can you feel the JOY?