Monday, August 23, 2010

August 21, 2010

almost home

sorry for being so late in posting to flickr and my blog
i am 3 days behind 
i took this on saturday as we were flying over the island
i got some amazing aerial shots because,
for some reason, 
the pilot circled the island several times before landing
 when i asked why we weren't landing,
bob the rascal,
maybe the wheels of the plane can't come down to land
not funny bob!!!!!

anyways i was happy to get this wonderful shot
of the west bay,  and west end
you can see half moon bay at the bottom

at this point in our journey
my heart was soaring for joy

yes that is true
we don't see ourselves leaving any time soon
 unless the Lord takes us somewhere else
(which could very well happen)
but while in Canada i realized that
i am not made for north american living 

i have grown to love a slower pace
i don't enjoy consuming 
whether that be shopping or
eating enormous amounts of fast food
i don't enjoy traffic
i don't enjoy being busy
 or rushing around getting 'things' done
i am made for island life
the pace
the peace
the people
the pleasure of eating simply,
talking to my bird,
feeding the hummers
have a cold drink with friends by the sea
letting the cool sea cleanse my soul

almost home

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  1. If that is island life....sign me up.. I don't enjoy all that stuff we do up here either.