Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 28, 2010

sitting pretty

 would you look at that sweet little bird??
oh my goodness!
every morning
i wake up with the dawn, 
make myself strong dark roast coffee,
quietly of course, so as not to wake up bob

then once it is light enough i head outside on the deck
with a stack of devotional books, my bible and my journal
i grab buddy, my budgie because it is a highlight for him too
and we head outside just as the sky has turned from pink to light blue


just a few adjectives
the hummingbirds are always awake and feasting by the time we arrive

oh and yeah i sometimes bring my camera
to capture the beauty
not everyday though because truthfully i get soooo distracted
and that defeats the purpose of my time alone with God
it's true i get distracted very easily

but it is a beautiful way to start the day
i used to go on the computer to answer emails,
check facebook and flickr
but i have decided that the outside alone with birds and God
is more important

not that facebook and flickr aren't important:
they are my lifelines too
but i just do that later in the morning not right away

our deck is my sanctuary
where is your favorite quiet spot?
i hope you have a place to reflect and be still
it is so important to make time alone with Him a priority

i come away stronger,
i know my prayers have been heard,
i feel peace about leaving my kids so far away
i feel connected to my friends
and my soul is enlarged through praise

and yes
the hummingbirds bless me too!

buddy sideways checking out my camera lens

this is the view from the table where we sit..lovely isn't it?
lovely light in the background!
not every day you get to see their tongues out!!

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  1. I love sitting on our front deck too with bibles and books and my prayer journal. It's pretty chilly out there now. Summer has taken a sudden turn. The view isn't as wonderful as yours but I sure enjoy His Presence. The time goes so fast ....