Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 20, 2010


"The quality or condition of being useful; usefulness"

i don't know about you
but when i was matt's age i didn't
really have a sense of what i was going to do
there was pressure to go to university
or collage
or get a job.

it is hard to know what
we are supposed to do
but the longer i live
the more simple it is to me

"do to other's as you would have them do to you"
it isn't called the Golden Rule for nothing!
whatever we do we need to have a posture of 
thinking of others more highly then ourselves.

that is my desire for all my kids
that no matter what they do
they would be useful to God

there is no higher calling 
or more satisfying way to live.

yesterday we had to say goodbye to them
did my heart almost break?
do i believe there is One who takes care of them
better then I?

i do.

do i believe He will fulfill His purposes in their lives?

i do.


  1. He does, He will, He is right now taking better care of them than you can think or even imagine....You can trust Him with them.

  2. Love you Momma :)