Friday, August 27, 2010

August 26, 2010

breakfast of champions

one of the first things i did upon arriving in roatan
(other then get groceries and unpack of course)
was make sugar water and fill the feeder

the hummingbirds came back readily and happily
i like to sit out on the deck in the morning
and spend some time quietly with the Lord
i often bring buddy out with me


at one point one of the hummers came and flew
right up to buddy's cage and scared the living daylights out of him
 they are curious about each other i think
there is something about hummingbirds that i really admire
not only do they seek the sweetness out of life
but when the day is done they find a branch,
fall into a semi comatose state   until the morning

 why do i admire that?
i think it is so important to be able to shut out the 'world'
at night and just sleep
many times we hustle and bustle about during the day
and then toss and turn at night

i like the image of this high speed little bird
falling into a deep deep sleep at the end of a productive day

i think it is that way for us too
i know since we got back to roatan we have hit the ground running
we have visited many people, opened the gift shop to tourists,
did two tours, sold things at the Roatan Hospital Fundraiser.

it's been busy.
at the end of the day i am happy to just 'crash'
i don't have energy for anything else!

being productive is important
but so is the ability to stop
i am writing this on friday since i was gone all day
from 8:30 am til 9:30 pm and i didn't have time to write
so today 
i am resting, reading, sorting through my clothes
and recuperating
it feels great.

later on we are going to our friends to make homemade pizza
and catch up
it is afterall.. friday night and that is cowan pizza night!

have a good weekend!

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