Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24, 2010

jonesville point

a walk way to the sea and sky
this little bridge is at the end of the point
and charlie, our guide, who took us
through the mangroves
told us
'dis is where we's goes swimmin'
da wada she be real clear here'

oh i should tell you!
while i was flying home 
to roatan 
a couple of ladies overheard that i lived
in roatan and one of them
came over and asked if i'd take them on a tour

of course!

we had a great day together

isabel and joanna
two wonderful chicks 
from new york

made my day!

we went to miss peggy's clinic where
joanna gave a donation of medical supplies
then we went to jonesville
through the mangroves

enjoyed a nice visit with flora at 
punta gorda and the serene quiet of 
the simple  life there

went through coxen hole
visited the 'made in roatan' shop
where we picked up bob

then they wanted to go up in the colonia
so i took them there
we ran into roberto (not literally)
from channel 4 
and he introduced us to a family
so poor
yet so happy.
a young girl was there happily washing clothes outside
by hand
when he told us that the 8 year old girl
hadn't gone to school yet
both isabel (a teacher)
and i (a softie)
both started to cry.

there are so many needs on this island.
we need wisdom to know what to do
i gave them some money to help with food
but i think i will go back there with more for them

or perhaps you'd like to sponsor
the girl to go to school??
it costs about 500L (35.00) a year
for school supplies, fees
and the uniform to go to school.

let me know.


  1. Hello Debi and Bob,
    Glad to hear that you made it home safely. I have a bit of catching up to do on your blog now that I can access it again. (I guess the address I kept returning to did not have the 2 'd's in it) - too simple....
    I am looking forward to hearing how your visit went in Nova Scotia.
    love to you both,
    oops, I do not know what to type in for profile.

  2. You make the 'best guide ever' Debi

    xx Bonnie xx