Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25, 2010

fanny and buddy

today carlos' sister  candy came over
and brought this little girl named
fanny to see me
although neither of them speak
any english we were able to 
communicate together 
with my limited spanish

i decided to ask candy
if she would help me make
my photo cards
basically i just needed them in the
plastic archival bags and sealed
we have a big sale tomorrow and i had
about 75 more to do so i was very grateful
for her help!

she was thrilled to help 
and ohhh'ed and ahhh'ed over the photos
of roatan
many of the places she has never seen
alot of the spanish people only see the colonia
and possibly coxen hole
it's kind of sad.

the whole time we were together working
little fanny didn't say a word to me
she was very shy
i decided to bring buddy outside in his cage
and while we worked out on the deck
she watched the bird
and smiled when he came near her

after we were done working i brought buddy inside
and asked if she wanted to hold him
at first she grabbed at him
(which of course birds hate!)
so i taught her to simply put out her finger
and he happily went on

she was so delighted to have a little bird
sit on her hand
and he is very chatty and happy to be with her too

i doubt if she will ever have another experience
like today
once again i am reminded to continue to spread
small moments of joy

it isn't hard to do when we try.

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