Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

the boys are back

early mornings
sun blushed clouds
hungry hummingbirds
stillness inside and out

beautiful way to start a day
there were about 4 birds enjoying my feeder this morning
i am hoping that they will once again grow accustomed
to my presence 
so i can take photos with my rebel 50mm lens
i like to get in close
this morning i used my zoom

one bird, 
my fluffybutt was so friendly 
that i could get within inches of him
and he would fly and touch my finger
but the highlight of all was when 
he started to sing to me

today is going to be a clean the house
do some laundry day
and go grocery shopping with melissa 

having snapper for dinner
wanna come over?

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