Monday, August 23, 2010

August 22, 2010

sunday at the beach

i awoke this morning to the sound
of roosters crowing and dogs barking
and woodpeckers pecking 
and i sighed.

i love sundays
i think it may be the best day of the week for me

we made our way over to the eastside of the island
to go to church
we go to an island church
we are the only regular gringos that attend there
let me tell you there is nothing like a big hug 
from those warm hearted people
good to be missed
good to be back

after church carlos our gardener came over
for lunch
uninvited, unexpected...
that's the way we roll here
i gave him the gifts i got for him in canada
he was sooo surprised when he saw
that i bought him an mp3 player
i thought he was going to cry for a second there
it isn't a big fancy one or anything 
but i know that he loves music and it will
be great for him to work and be able to listen 
to some tunes

after lunch we headed to west bay
my cheek was kissed too many times to count
good to see everyone again
sunday is beach day for many people 
we love to go and connect
and sit in the shade
and snorkel

yes the sea was a lovely temperature 
was good to see the underworld again
although my mask is leaking and fogging up
a highlight:
we saw an enormous sting ray
it was about 5 feet across:  HUGE!
and lots of fish
no turtle but that was because i didn't go out 
to the wall where they like to dwell.

it's all good though.
then we picked up buddy, my budgie, from laura's.
great to see her again
great to hold little buddy and get yet again, 
more kisses.

such a sweet bird.
the best bird ever.

i went to bed to the sounds
of geckos, and frogs
and enjoyed the cool breeze that caressed me while
i slept

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