Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 27, 2010


how is that for a creative way to sell fruit and veggies?
so innovative!!

we saw this man peddling his wares 
down the flower's bay road
there are a few pulperias (small shops)
along that road but not too many so that is 
so clever to take the produce TO the people!
even has a weigh scale!

there is another guy who comes on his 'fruit bike'
regularly during cruise ship days
it is wonderful because by around 2:00 pm
we are hungry and nothing is better then some 
fresh fruit
on friday bob bought a plum and i bought a bag of the sweetest mandarins
and a banana

so smart!
why have a shop where you have to have pay rent and electricity
when you can peddle around and make money with no overhead?!
i wonder if he needs a license to sell?

later this morning as bob was coming out of the hardware store
a local island guy approached him asking if he wanted some fresh fish.
what a sales man!!
or maybe it is desperation...
but either way
we were happy to get fresh snapper and grouper for 3.50 a pound
(and that was fillets!)

guess what we are having for dinner!?!
can't wait!

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